2024 ACWB Payment Schedule and Eligibility: Who Qualifies for the $2,461 ACWB Payment in Canada?

Updated on February 2, 2024

This article will provide a detailed look into the ACWB Payment Dates for 2024. Within the report, you’ll gain insights into what ACWB entails and discover the eligibility criteria for receiving a $2,461 ACWB Payment.

2024 Schedule for ACWB Payments

The Advanced Canada Workers Benefits (ACWB) is a program designed to offer financial assistance to low-income individuals and families. The ACWB Payment, funded by the federal government, aims to alleviate the financial burden on those living in challenging conditions by providing a tax rebate. Meeting the eligibility criteria, as specified by the official authorities, is essential to benefit from this support.

Individuals who live alone and lack a responsible head can receive the maximum benefit of $1,428. On the other hand, low-income employees with dependent heads are entitled to a total amount of CAD 2,461. This payment significantly influences the quality of life for financially vulnerable individuals. The ACWB payment comprises two distinct components: the disability allowance and the basic amount.

Summary of ACWB Payment Schedule for 2024

TitleACWB Payment Dates 2024
Responsible BodyCanada Revenue Agency
BeneficiariesLow-income individuals
Amount$1,428 for individual $2,461 for families
Mode of paymentOnline
Number of instalments3
CategoryGovernment Aid
Official WebsiteCanada.ca


Release Date for ACWB Payment

Anticipated for release on January 12, 2024, ACWB Payments are set to benefit eligible Canadian workers with low incomes. However, only 50% of the total amount will be initially credited to them as a basic advanced payment, while the remaining 50% will be earmarked for individuals in the disabled category.

The purpose of the benefit payment is to aid workers and their family members in navigating challenging economic circumstances. The tax refunds provided aim to bring a sense of relief, and the program envisions promoting overall welfare.

Understanding Advanced Canada Workers’ Benefits

The CRA administers this program to provide financial assistance to Canadian citizens who work and file income tax returns in the country. A key eligibility requirement is having a low to moderate income. The ACWB offers 50% of the advance benefits, a higher percentage compared to what is provided under CWB. This program aims to provide more financial support to employees, helping them deal with rising expenses due to the increased cost of living.

Employees facing physical or mental struggles but still managing to work and earn money may receive a supplement of $737, applicable to both singles and families. Additional benefits tailored to the needs of disabled individuals can also be accessed. The payment an individual receives may vary based on their health condition and individual income.

ACWB Payment: Eligibility

To qualify, recipients must provide legal proof of Canadian residency. Access to the benefit is limited to low-income employees. Eligible candidates must be 19 years of age or older, married and compelled to reside with a common-law partner or family, or have a dependent child. Families are eligible for a payment of CAD 2,461, while individuals can receive a payment of CAD 1,428.

Disabled individuals meeting the required disability criteria are eligible for the ACWB. Filing income tax returns is mandatory for the CRA, and payment processing into beneficiaries’ bank accounts occurs only after verifying their eligibility for the disability tax credit. To qualify for the ACWB, an individual’s net adjusted income must be CAD 23,495. A payment benefit of $2,461 will be credited to the individual’s account if their net adjusted family income falls between CAD 26,805 to CAD 43,212.

The disability tax, supported by disability allowance credits, provides a $737 benefit. In families, the disability of a common-law partner is eligible for a payment of $737, with an adjustment payment threshold of CAD 43,210. No allowances are granted to beneficiaries with incomes exceeding CAD 53,037.

The amount applied to income tax returns is contingent on the actual income, and recipients are obligated to file their income tax return. If recipients opt for an electronic or digital filing approach, they must engage in Schedule 6 of the CWB. Below are the payment dates for Advanced Canada Workers’ Benefits for the current and upcoming months:

The initial payment is scheduled for January 12, 2024. The second payment will be processed on July 12, 2024, while the third payment is anticipated to be credited on October 11, 2024.

Claiming Canada Workers Benefit: Steps for $1,428 and $2,461 Benefits

Claiming the CWB and ACWB benefits involves three straightforward steps:

1. Prior to filing taxes, complete and submit the Schedule 6 form using certified and authentic tax software.

2. After confirming eligibility for the disability supplement, process and accurately complete Step 3 of Schedule 6.

3. Make sure to enter the amount accurately from Schedule 6 line 42 on line 45300 of your income tax and benefit return.

If you opt for mailing, make sure to securely seal the completed Schedule 6 form before sending it with your tax return. The Canada Revenue Agency disburses quarterly advance payments to low-income workers through Advanced Canada Workers’ Benefits. This sum can constitute up to 50% of your Canada Workers’ Benefits after you’ve claimed your tax return. Upon approval, these advance payments are received at the designated times.


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