2024 Dividend Payout Schedule: DBS, SIA, OCBC, UOB, SGX Dates and Times

Updated on February 10, 2024

2024 Dividend Payout Dates for DBS, SIA, OCBC, UOB, SGX: Important Information on Singapore’s Dividend Policies

Dividend Payout Date 2024

Dividend payout is a company’s way of sharing profits with shareholders and investors, serving as a token of appreciation for their investment. This program fosters trust and a positive environment among stakeholders and employees. Notably, dividends are generally non-taxable, providing flexibility for full utilization. Tax rates vary based on profit margins, with taxable dividends encompassing foreign dividends, cooperative profits, real estate dividends, and more. Payout dates differ depending on the dividend category.

DBS Dividend Payout Date and Time 2024

DBS has seen a 53% increase in shares for the last quarter, with a bonus share release for investors of over a decade. Profits for the previous fiscal year totaled S$10.3 billion, reflecting a 26% increase from 2022. Notably, dividend shares have been raised by S$0.54 in the fourth quarter and S$0.48 in the third quarter.

DBS is optimistic about its future shares, aiming for an equity range of 15 to 17 percent in 2024. With a robust capital base boasting a CET-1 ratio of 14.6 percent, the company has bolstered its dividend share following a solid return on equity of 18 percent in 2023. Check out the upcoming payout dates in the table below:

  • 4Q Final Dividend: Announced on 7th Feb, Expected on 5th April, Payment on 19th April, Amount 54 (one tier)
  • 3Q Dividend: Announced on 6th Nov, Expected on 14th Nov, Payment on 27th Nov, Amount 48 (one tier)
  • 2Q Dividend: Announced on 3rd Aug, Expected on 11th Aug, Payment on 27th Aug, Amount 48 (one tier)
  • 1Q Dividend: Announced on 2nd May, Expected on 9th May, Payment on 22nd May, Amount 42 (one tier)

SIA Dividend Payout Date and Time 2024

Singapore Airlines Limited has exciting news with an increase in dividend payouts, offering shareholders a $S0.50 per cent boost in profit along with an additional bonus. Currently, SIA boasts a 5.84% dividend price, considering the trailing dividends for the past 12 months. Despite a previous -22.00% dividend rate over the years, the final quarter now sees a $S0.50% increase, expected to persist for the next 12 months.

The last dividend share payment took place on December 12, 2023, and the upcoming payment for this year is anticipated on January 8, 2024.

OCBC Dividend Payout Date and Time 2024

Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) stands as a powerhouse in the financial market, maintaining its dominance in the investment sector over the years. With a consistent peak in its dividend rate since inception, the current dividend sits at an impressive 6.18 percent. The bank’s extensive portfolio, encompassing trustee services, global banking, financial banking, among others, boasts a total asset value of approximately $S151 billion.

For those eagerly awaiting OCBC’s dividend payouts, the provided picture outlines the expected date alongside the current date and time for reference. It also offers a glimpse into the historical dividend payout dates over the past few years.

UOB Dividend Payout Date and Time 2024

The United Overseas Bank has hit a notable profit rate of 20.90 USD. Recent data reveals that the company has distributed a dividend amount of $S1.19 for February 2024, with the current stock price reflecting a 5.69 percent dividend. Notably, the bank follows a pattern of increasing dividends every 3 years, with an impressive annual growth rate of 9.61 percent over the last decade.

For those tracking UOB’s dividend payouts, the provided image outlines the schedule for this year, offering a historical perspective on past scheduled dividends.

SGX Dividend Payout Date and Time 2024

The Singapore Exchange dividend comes in with a solid yield of 3.71 percent, accompanied by an average earning per share of S$0.53. The last quarter saw a robust 4.1 percent average. Notably, the company maintains a payout ratio of 63 percent.

For those awaiting details on the SGX dividend payout, the provided image offers insights into the schedule for the upcoming dividend as well as the last period. Additionally, key information about the dividend is included for reference.


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