ANIMAL FOOD – FEED (Fertilisers, feeding stuffs, certain seeds, etc…)

Updated on April 17, 2022

0% is the lowest possible rating.

Food-grade additives and chemicals used solely in animal feed may be included in the zero-rate category. Feed for dogs, cats, cage birds, and other household pets will be charged at the usual cost regardless of whether it is packaged for human consumption or not. Food for pigeons is graded as “zero.” In some cases, Greyhound feeding supplies are also eligible for a lower rate. Schedule 3 refers to paragraph 4(1) of schedule 3.

Act of 2010 to Consolidate VAT (VATCA 2010) Part II, paragraph 12 of Section 46(1)(b) of the Revised Statutes (3)


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The VAT rates database reflects current practise when it comes to VAT treatment. There may be changes in practise that necessitate updating the information.

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The Value-Added Tax Consolidation Act of 2010 governs the VAT rating of products and services.

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Current VAT rates

Current VAT rates
Date effective from Standard rate (%) Reduced rate (%) Second reduced rate (%) Livestock rate (%) Flat-rate compensation
percentage for Farmers (%)
1 January 2022      23     13.5           9      4.8             5.5
1 March 2021      23     13.5           9      4.8             5.6
1  January 2021      21     13.5           9      4.8             5.6
1 September 2020      21     13.5           9      4.8             5.4
1 January 2020      23     13.5           9      4.8             5.4