Australia’s Dad and Partner Pay: Amount, Eligibility, and Payment Schedule

Updated on February 10, 2024

Discover essential details about Dad and Partner Pay in Australia, including the payment amount, eligibility criteria, and payment schedule. New parents can apply for this support, designed to assist fathers in sharing responsibilities and supporting the early stages of child rearing.

Dad and Partner Pay Australia

As new parents, you can receive financial aid from the Government through the Dad and Partner Pay Australia program. Simply fill out the form with details like your and your partner’s employment information (the child’s dad), income proof, and more. Once your application is verified, expect to receive payment within 2 weeks, as per the program guidelines.

How Much is Dad and Partner Pay?

Services Australia has introduced a scheme to support financial stability among low-income earners. While Australians generally have a manageable cost of living, the Government monitors incomes and ensures essential resources are provided to the people.

Those eligible for benefits will get $882.75 per week before any taxes are deducted. Taxpayers should be aware that there might be deductions from their annual lump sum income.

Dad and Partner Pay Australia Eligibility

The pay benefit includes 18 weeks of leave for partners to support the mother and child, totaling around a hundred days of financial assistance in Australia. It’s important not to exceed the total allowed leave duration, as surpassing it may lead to program cancellation.

This program covers newborns, adopted children, and even parents through surrogacy. The applying partner (the child’s Dad) should have been employed for approximately 10 months before the child’s birth or adoption.

Eligibility extends to the biological father and birth-giving mother in Australia. To qualify, they must share residency proof, submit the child’s birth certificate, and provide income details to Services Australia.

Applications submitted before July 1, 2023, will be accepted, and for the year 2024, the Government will make an announcement in due course.

Dad and Partner Pay Australia Payment Dates 2024

The Pay As You Go tax, typically set at a 15% rate, will be applied to the amount requested by individuals. Currently, officials are in the process of verifying applicants to ensure payments go to authorized beneficiaries. Payments will be made on staggered dates.

Upon acceptance of the application, the amount will be transferred to the nominees, covering financial support for up to a hundred days.

How to Claim?

Now that you’ve confirmed eligibility and payment dates, let’s dive into the process of getting the money. For those eager to apply, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create an account on MyGov. Step 2: Register with essential details for both parents and children. Step 3: Once the registration is complete, open the provided link to claim Dad and Partner Pay Australia.

Step 4: Fill in the form with the necessary details, adding an aesthetic touch.

Step 5: Complete the submission by uploading the required documents.

After this, applicants should patiently wait for a few business days to receive the amount in their bank accounts. The payment status can be tracked conveniently through the same portal.

Services Australia Helpline

Australia currently holds the 12th position globally in Gross Domestic Product. In efforts to boost this ranking, authorities are taking steps, such as promoting financial assistance to citizens, which could contribute to improving the country’s economy.

We trust this article has provided crucial details about Dad and Partner Pay Australia. If applicants encounter challenges during submission or face issues receiving payments, they can reach out to officials using the provided details. Service providers are available to assist beneficiaries during working hours. For assistance, call the helpline at 1800 132 468, ensuring you share your concerns in detail for a proper solution.


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