Accounting Calculator | 10 Best accounting calculators and how to use of them

Updated on April 20, 2022

How do you know which accounting calculator to buy? We’ll cover everything from how to use an accounting calculator to which financial calculator to buy in this guide.

Accounting calculator

Chartered accountants and accounting students both benefit greatly from the use of an accounting calculator. An accounting or financial calculator performs a variety of financial calculations, such as calculating profit margins, cash flows, expenses, interest, and taxes, for example.

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What is a financial calculator?

A financial calculator is built and developed to execute certain mathematical and financial calculations that an ordinary calculator cannot. Faster computations are made possible by the presence of dedicated standalone keys for financial functions such as cash flow and interest (simple and compound). Additional financial functions may also be programmed and created to meet the needs of day-to-day accounting. There are a variety of financial computations that an accounting calculator can display.

Some Chartered Accountants work on a contract basis, while others are employed by a variety of different businesses. Complicated calculations can be made easier by using accounting or business calculators.

How are financial-calculators different?

Financial-calculators differ from normal scientific calculators in a number of ways.

Simple interest, compound interest, amortisation, cash flow, gross profit margin, and other sophisticated financial calculations can be performed with an accounting calculator. In order to make these calculations, you’ll need a more advanced calculator.
Unlike conventional calculators, financial calculators include dedicated keys for performing simple financial calculations.
Specific financial functions can be programmed into a financial accounting calculator and then reused in subsequent calculations. You can’t programme or design accounting functions with conventional calculators.

Top 15 Types of an accounting calculator

We’ll go through the 15 most common sorts of accounting calculators in detail in this section for your convenience. You can use their broad capabilities for faster and more accurate computations, depending on your daily accounting requirements.

1. Net income calculator accounting

Operating costs, taxes, and interest are deducted from gross profit to arrive at net income. One of the most common uses of an accounting calculator is to calculate net income. Since it takes time and effort to calculate each component of net income, an accounting calculator is a lifesaver.

2. CPA exam calculator

Unearned income, retained earnings, profit on the sale of goods and many other key calculations must be performed by CPA exam students So long as they don’t programme any functions or formulas into the calculator, it’s a must-have for them. Using a financial calculator in this manner is one of the best ways to do so.

3. Small business or office calculator

At the conclusion of each month, quarter and year, financial statements like Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet are required for small businesses and offices, respectively. “Small Company/Office Calculator” refers to an accounting calculator that is used to make calculations relating to liabilities (assets), revenues (receivables), and so on.

4. Accounting profit calculator

After deducting sales costs, overhead, and taxes, an organization’s net profit is computed in the financial sector. The majority of Chartered Accountants use an accounting profit calculator while putting up financial statements and reports.

5. BA II plus amortization calculator

An amortisation calculator from Texas Instruments, the BA II plus, is powerful. In the case of mortgages and loans, amortisation is primarily used to determine the periodic payments for a debt at a specific date.

6. Personal finance calculators

A person’s personal finances are all about managing their money and their assets. To ensure financial stability and security, you must calculate your income, expenses, insurance, mortgages, etc. Personal financial calculators are useful for making these kinds of calculations, and they tend to be highly effective.

7. Average accounting return calculator

Divide the average net profit by the average investment to arrive at the accounting rate of return. Using an average accounting return calculator can save you a lot of time and effort when dealing with calculations of this complexity. This aids accountants in making more accurate capital budgeting and forecasting decisions.

8. Accounting problem solver

A company’s financials and accounting present numerous problems for accountants to overcome. Tax law revisions, cash flow computations, evaluations of the company’s financial health, and regular updates to revenues and expenditures are among the most prevalent. The finest accounting problem solver is a simple financial calculator.

9. Accounting equation calculator

As the foundation for accounting, accounting equations are the building blocks of a balance sheet and serve as the fundamental principles.

Liabilities + Shareholder’s Equity = Total Assets.

The following is a simple equation, and each of its components must be calculated. Calculating the accounting equation is made easier with a financial calculator.

10. Business finance calculator

When attempting to gauge the financial health of a company, numerous elements must be taken into account. Budgets, forecasts, equity, and debt financials are all part of business finance, as are other aspects. As a result, a small business financial calculator is useful.

11. Financially programmable 12 c calculator

Accountancy calculators, such as the 12 c calculator, can perform complex financial computations. A few of the most important ones are the monthly payments on a loan and the interest rates that go along with them.

12. Simple financial calculators

Calculations beyond simple arithmetic operations are handled by simple financial calculators. Present and future values, monthly payments, and interest rates are all considered in the computations. They give you a set of independent keys to get to the numbers.

13. Similar figures calculator

Performing mathematical operations on large numbers or important figures requires the use of a special figures calculator. Accountants frequently require the use of complex calculations involving numbers. With the help of the calculator, the issue can be resolved

14. BCE calculator

In addition to the conventional accountancy exams, BCEs assist accountants earn additional certifications and knowledge. When it comes to exams, the finest calculator for accounting students is a BCE calculator.

15. Accounting ratio calculator

The most frequent financial ratios for an accountant include debt ratio, debt to equity ratio, current ratio, quick ratio, return on equity, gross margin, return on assets, and so forth. Calculations using a wide range of accounting ratios are simplified with the use of a ratio calculator.

How to use a financial calculator?

Here, we’ll cover the various ways to use an accounting calculator. The sub-sections in this section provide concise instructions for accountants on how to apply and exploit this information in their daily work.

1. Accountant calculator for financial ratios 

The best way to calculate and compute financial ratios is to utilise an accountant calculator. In addition to working capital and earnings per share, other important metrics include debt-equity, the quick ratio, return on equity, and price-earnings.

2. Professional calculators for budgets, forecasts, and cash flows

Budgeting and forecasting can be done more successfully with the help of professional accounting calculators. An accounting calculator makes it simple to figure out how much money is coming in and going out. Using this method is really time-saving.

3. Financial cal for personal wealth management

Personal money management is greatly improved by using a financial calendar. Individuals and private investors alike must perform several calculations and computations in order to properly plan their financial futures, manage their assets, and manage their investments.

4. Business finances calculator

There are a slew of applications for a business finance calculator. Businesses rely on a variety of sources for funding, including bank loans, home equity lines of credit, stakeholder equity, and even budgets. This means that financial function calculators are a great help in the development of such calculators.

5. Accounting calculators for financial reports

Financial statements and reports are generated by using accounting calculators. Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and shareholder equity statement are all essential.

You should have figured out how to utilise a financial calculator by this point.

Top 10 Best financial calculators

Here are the top 10 best financial calculators to help you with your everyday accounting and financial calculations. Using the following list, accountants will be able to figure out which calculating gadget is ideal and where to acquire it.

For financial planning, Texas Instrument’s BA II Plus is a superb tool. An amortisation calculation for BA II Plus can be performed using the calculator.
The HP 12CP Financial Calculator is now the market leader in accounting calculators. 120 built-in features and a quick processing speed make this a powerful tool.
The Sharp QS-2130 financial calculator runs on solar power. In addition to standard capabilities, it can perform complex mathematical computations.
HP 12 Platinum has been on the market in the United States for about 30 years. It’s eco-friendly and has a dimming function. It is possible to store sophisticated formula-based programmes. The price is ideal for those on a tight budget.
The HP BII+ Financial Calculator includes 22 memory registers in addition to its 170 features. Besides that, the lighting may be altered and the processing speed is extremely fast.
The 3405 CE Calculator from Calculated Industries is a cost-effective choice. Many real estate-related calculations make use of it.
Amortisation and investment evaluation are the most common uses for this financial calculator. FC-200V financial calculator by Casio An LCD screen with four lines and twelve digits serves as the display.
The Sharp EL-738F Financial Calculator can handle a wide variety of financial and business computations. Registrars and recollections total 100.
When it comes to computing IRR, cash flow and other financial indicators, the 3430 Qualifier Plus IIIFX from Calculated Industries is the tool of choice.
It is commonly used in accounting in the United States, with a 12 digit display and 12 characters. a budgeting software Staples is the best in terms of IRR, NPV, and Cash flow estimates.

Top 5 accounting calculators online

The top 5 accounting calculators online offering quick mathematics and financial computations are displayed below. Each one contains online learning manuals for example how to make financial calculator show more decimals, how to program etc.

Desmos is an accounting calculator online. The user interface offers multiple tabs and buttons for conducting the computations

Web2.0 Calc is an accountancy calculator online, that can be used with the keyboards and mouse buttons

Good Calculators is ranked among the top download financial calculators and is essentially a project. It contains more than 300 free and excellent functioning calculators for computing commercial and mathematical processes

Calculator-1 is an online accounting calculator that provides capabilities to do basic and complex calculations

Symbolab is the greatest business calculator online with buttons and tabs for clear calculations

Top 5 accounting calculator app

In this section, we will discuss the top 5 accounting calculator app.

  1. 10bii is considered among the best financial calculator app category. It has 105 functions for financial, business, mathematical and statistical calculations
  2. Financial Calculators by Bishinews is an accounting calculator app used for investment and complex financial calculations
  3. Vicinno Financial Calculator is an app that supports calculations for bonds, amortization, bonus, depreciation, and other statistical analysis
  4. Touch RPN is an accounting calculator app used for programming accounting functions
  5. PowerOne financial calculator is ranked high as the best financial calculator app for computing investment and accounting calculations

5 Best accounting calculator brands for design and ruggedness

The following is a list of the greatest accounting calculator brands noted for their design and durability. The recommendation is to purchase financial calculators from well-known retailers.

The HP 12C Platinum Accounting Calculator has a beautiful appearance and is extremely long-lasting in use. The battery life is fantastic. HP’s accounting calculator includes 130 pre-programmed features.
The BAII Plus Accounting Calculator from Texas Instruments features a 10-digit display. The accounting functions can be programmed and stored in the system’s internal memory.
Good reviews have been given to the DM-1200BM Casio Accounting Calculator. Extra-large display with independent memory for the 12 digits
The Canon HS-1200TS accounting calculator is a top-notch model. With its ergonomic design and a 12-inch liquid crystal display, this laptop is a pleasure to use.
With a 12-digit display and a beautiful design, the Helect H1006 financial calculator is the finest value.