2024 GST/HST Credit Payment Schedule in Canada

Updated on January 25, 2024

Canadians are fortunate to access various shared services and benefits, including the GST/HST credit, which aids families with lower to moderate incomes by reducing the impact of sales taxes. If you’re anticipating the Canada GST HST Credit Dates 2024 and uncertain about when the payments will hit your bank account, read on. I’ll provide all the essential information about GST/HST payment dates.

A 5% goods and services tax, known as GST/HST, is embedded in the cost of most goods and services purchased in Canada. The annual GST expenditure can be substantial, reaching hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Good news! A GST/HST credit is available to qualified Canadians, which works as a refund for the GST they have already paid. In this post, I’ll guide you through the Canada GST HST Credit Dates 2024, keeping you informed about when GST HST Payments will be arriving in 2024.

Understanding the Canada GST/HST Credit

The Canadian government extends the GST/HST credit to low to moderate-income families, aiming to alleviate the burden of sales taxes in the country. This tax-free quarterly payment, available to both individuals and families with lower incomes, serves as a helpful financial support. The credit is designed to offset the GST or HST expenses incurred throughout the year. The terms Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) are interchangeable, depending on your location in Canada. Different provinces have varying rates and regulations for taxable supplies. Given that sales taxes impact the cost of our daily purchases, this credit plays a crucial role in managing the overall cost of living.

Updates on Canada’s GST/HST Credit Dates 2024

GovernmentCanadian Government
Name of OrganizationCanada Revenue Agency
Financial year2024-25
Canada GST/HST credit 2024 DatesJanuary 5 and April 5, 2024
CategoryFinance News
Payments AmountUpdating soon
Required Tax returnJauary1- December 31, 2023
Official websitewww.canada.ca


2024 Canada GST/HST Credit Dates

The GST/HST quarterly payments are scheduled in January and usually fall on the fifth of the month. In 2024, the Canada GST/HST credit dates are set for January 5 and April 5, so make sure to check your bank account on these days. The last payment for 2023 was issued on October 5. Ever wondered about the amount you received?

The aim of the Canada GST HST Credit Payment 2024 is to ease the tax burden on the low-income population in Canada, allowing them to lead a financially stress-free life. Typically, you don’t even need to apply for the tax credit through the Canada Revenue Agency. This post serves as a handy resource for information on GST payment dates, amounts, qualifying criteria, and other related topics.

2024 GST/HST Payment Schedule

GST HST Payments DatePayment serial
July 5, 2023First payment
October 5, 2023Second payment
January 5, 2024Third payment
April 5, 2024Fourth payment


GST/HST Breakdown by Province 2023-24

British Columbia5%7%
New Brunswick15%
Northwest Territories5%
Nova Scotia15%
Prince Edward Island15%


2024 Canada GST/HST Credit Eligibility Criteria

On January 5, 2024, those who qualify will receive the Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) credit. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) states that a person must be at least 19 years old in order to be eligible for the GST/HST credit. If someone is under 19, they must also meet one of the following requirements within the same time frame:

You might qualify if you’re under 19 if:

  • You have (or have had) a spouse or common-law partner, and/or
  • Either you are or you were a parent.
Single parent with one childCAD 53,992
Single parent with two childrenCAD 57,132
Single parent with three childrenCAD 60,272
Single parent with four childrenCAD 63,412
Married/CLP with no childrenCAD 50,852
Married/CLP with one childCAD 53,992
Married/CLP with two childrenCAD 57,132
Married/CLP with three childrenCAD 60,272
Married/CLP with three childrenCAD 63,412




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