CO UK About us

Who we are

Founded in 2014, 1st Formations is the UK’s leading company formation agent. We have formed over 750 thousand companies and assisted many thousands of clients to grow their business with expert advice on limited liability entities (LLAs), reporting requirements as well corporate governance issues like vesting schedules or golden handshakes that are often overlooked by other firms!

Our values

We’re a company that puts emphasis on customer service excellence. We pride ourselves in our highly trained team and support for those who are forming their business, as well as during it’s lifetime of operation. Not only do we have an environmentally responsible approach but also diversity within the workplace–a cornerstone to any thriving society!

Business improvement

At our company, we’re committed to being the best at what you do. That’s why customer satisfaction and loyalty are top priority for us – because if there isn’t room in your life from all of these changes happening around town then who will take care of it?
We listen closely when people come into stores or contact via phone calls so they can share any thoughts on product development ideas without hesitation!

What we do

Online company formation

With our quick and simple company formation, we offer the UK’s most reliable way to form your own business. As an eFiling agent with years experience in registering companies across Europe on behalf of customers all over, you can be sure that when it comes time for your new venture into entrepreneurship or self employment; there’ll never been any need hesitation about which method would work best!

Address services

1st Formations is a company that provides services for registering companies and maintaining business addresses. They have an office in London, which location makes it easy to reach out when needed!

Corporate governance

To keep their business running smoothly, our company’s secretarial team has developed products that can help your organization maintain regulatory compliance and reporting.

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