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Updated on February 1, 2022

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Frequently asked questions

What happens if I make a mistake?

Incorporating a new business into the UK offers many opportunities for success, but there are also some risks that you need to take precautions against. One of these is making sure your company has all its documentation and Fascicules filled out correctly; if any errors occur during this process then it will cost money on top what’s already been invested in putting together an application package before submitting them! To reduce such costs as well as ensure meticulous attention towards detail by our team at £4

Can I set up a dormant company?

A company can be made “dormant” simply by informing HMRC that they have no plans to start trading and will not do so in the immediate future. Once this occurs, their status changes from ” Active”to’developing.”
This gives developers time until required information such as annual returns or payslips are Due Filers must wait at least three months after incorporation before entering dormant mode unless otherwise notified by law

If I buy a service address, can I use it for more than one company?

You can use our service address for one company only. If you want to set up another separate account, a new purchase will be needed
A: Company names must contain at least 2 letters and cannot start with the letter “z”. B) Your business needs an individualized presence on Google Maps so that customers know where they’re going when visiting their store or website C). It’s important not just what products/services are offered but also how those goods /service enhancing elements shall look like (i..e., if there is via web design). D)) In addition to regular Search Engine Optimization activities such as writing high quality content & meta tags – having accurate contact information helps greatly too!

Can I buy a digital package now and upgrade later?

You can buy a digital package now that will provide you with the basics. If at some point in time, if your business grows and needs more features than what’s included in this starter set-up – which are limited by themselves anyways–you’re able to purchase them separately from customer area for full price instead of getting discounts on their already affordable rates through preorders or early adoptions .

How long will it take to complete the whole process?

The company application process takes 5 – 10 minutes and we will send it off to Companies House, which usually requires 3-6 working hours for approval. That’s dependent on how busy they are though; sometimes you’ll get lucky with an instant response while other times your request could be sat waiting patiently before being processed at all!

Do I need to sign anything?

You can now set up your own company in just minutes. You won’t need any documents, because our service does everything for you!
I bet that sounds tempting doesn’t it? Well don’t wait another second-click on this link right here and follow the simple four step process so all of those ideas will finally become reality…

Don’t I need a solicitor or accountant to do this?

You can save yourself up to £300 on legal fees by forming a limited company or LLP from just twelve pounds and ten percent VAT. With our easy-to use website, it’s never been easier!

What information do I need to have at hand to form a company?

Company formation is often a complicated process, but luckily for you we have compiled all the information that’s required to set up your new company. All it takes are some details about yourself and others who will be involved in running day-to-day operations – including an accurate address so they can reach out if there’re any problems or issues arise!

When do I get my authentication code?

You can also sign up for email alerts so that you’re always aware of any changes to your company details.
There are two ways to register a new business in the UK – through 1st Formations, which is quick and easy with their online form; or by filling out an application form at Companies House (which takes about five minutes). Once approved by both bodies within 30 days time frames

How do I keep my home address private ?

In order to maintain privacy when starting a new business, it is important that you choose one of our packages with registered office and service addresses at an discounted rate. The best way for this would be by choosing the package which suits your needs most – perhaps Business Inclusive?

Which type of company is best for me?

In order to form a company, it’s important that the correct type of entity is chosen. We offer two different packages for those who want their business activity licensed as either private or limited liability companies – see above!

1st Formations can help you set up your own company with the same benefits as those offered by LLP’s or Ltd companies. This type of business is popular among professionals such as solicitors and accountants

How much does it cost, and what do I receive?

When you set up a company, there are lots of things that need to happen. One thing in particular is the legal requirement for it and its shareholders-the people running your business–to file certain documents with Companies House (a UK authority). This process can take 3-6 hours once completed; however we offer an easy option which doesn’t require any upfront fees or payments!

We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs and help you achieve the best possible image. Our Prestige Package provides high quality printed documents delivered by post, 3 address protect privacy while providing excellent corporate branding for only ____ .