Do you fear sharks or giant squids more when u swim ?

Updated on August 6, 2022

9 Answers

  • Sharks, they’re a lot more common, giant squids are extremely rare and live in really deep ocean.

  • Neither. GIANT SQUIDS? Bro, those live really deep. And I fear nothing but waste in the ocean.

  • I fear sharks more. Giant squids are rare and live in the deep ocean. There is no record of a giant squid attacking a human.

  • Not scared of either. It’s the thought of jellyfish lurking that puts me off

  • I don’t think anyone’s actually scared of sharks. They’re literally just fish. What are they gonna do? Swim me to death? 

  • Sharks a lot are scary they can attach with high speed in any direction

  • Neither since I can’t swim.

  • neither are in my swimming pool

  • Jaws.


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