Do you think restaurants in the UK are over-priced?

Updated on August 6, 2022

15 Answers

  • Without question I do…..what makes matters worse is that the service and quality of food aren’t getting any better.It’s now much cheaper to cook your own meals at home.They’re nicer and it’s certainly a lot cheaper.

  • No Not anymore Prices are dropping since we left the EU

  • the Prices will drop soon we will be Buying food cheaper now we have left the EU

  • Yes being forced to purchase food from the EU will always Push up Prices

    I noticed that after we Dumped Australia as Our food source

  • If, in times long ago before the Covid lockdown, they were doing good business, then, no, they were not overpriced. Any ‘optional’ activity such as running a restaurant depends on being able to attract sufficient customers to make the business pay.

  • The owners have to pay their staff the guaranteed UK minimum wage, the equivalent to $11.37 per hour rather than their having to rely on tips which are not obligatory. In the US the server expects around 25% of the bill so that puts up the cost

  • Yes but that is caused by being a member of the EU they control the price of food

    it will take time after December 2020 before we can set our own Prices

  • Yes , a meal for two in a semi decent restaurant with a couple of drinks and a bottle of wine, is more than I spend in food for a couple of weeks.

    Starters and desserts are the worst. At least the main course , they do some cooking and there is some value to the food, but starters? 3 prawns artfully arranged with a lettuce leaf. Desserts are just often frozen bought in catering size cakes, 

    25p a portion, sell for £5. And as for wine. £4 bottle of supermarket plonk, marked up to £20.

    I know they have staff and rents etc to pay and they need to make a profit, but they can do it without my help.

  • Yes. When I was in NYC, you could (and still can) get a slice of pizza for a dollar. I expected the same sort of prices for pizza when I moved to the UK and was sorely disappointed. 

  • No, they are priced according to their overheads which are huge.  UK retail property rents are overpriced for their markets in many areas and business rates are based on the notional property value.  These things drive up the costs considerably but are also the least in the control of the restaurant owners.