Dual Oaks Farm a good breeder for working Border Collies?

Updated on August 6, 2022

I have a deposit on a pup from Dual Oaks Farm ( http://www.dualoaksfarm.com/ ), but have heard doubts on this forum ( http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showt… ). I don’t plan on doing herding, aside from maybe trying it out. But I do want a healthy, smart pup. What do you think?

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  • I would say they are not good breeders for several reasons based on info I couldn’t find on the website

    • No mention of health tests ( saw one comment like “dog has tested normal”, what ever that means)
    • No mention of health guarantees on the pups
    • The high number of breeding dogs they keep
    • No mention of AKC conformation champ titles
    • No mention of herding titles
    • No mention of agility or obedience titles
    • They talk about breeding working dogs, but their testimonials pages has 0 working dogs listed, in fact some people talk about taking the dog for a walk 3-4 times a week … which is HORRIBLE for a BC, never mind for the breeder to feel proud enough to stick that up on their web page

    I mean, maybe they do have health certs and herding titles and health guarantees and its just not on the site. If I was going to get a pup from them, I’d want to see the littler with the mother & meet the father @ there farm, not somewhere else. I’d want to see the health test on the parent dogs. Some BC breeders HATE the AKC conformations for BC’s as they don’t show them for the working dog they are, but focus on their looks, so I’m not overly concerned if they didn’t have show titles, but I’d want to know they really are herding dogs or agility dogs, not caged dogs forced to breed for their owners profit.

    BC’s are generally healthy and smart, but are SUPER high energy, so even if your not planing on herding I hope you are planing on something to keep them running & using their brains! If you are, they can be the best dog in the world….if your to lazy to keep them busy, they will turn into little terrorist.

    Well, all I can add is drop them an email saying you were reading up on raising a puppy & found some questions you’d like answer like heath guarantee stuff & titles and health testing on the parents…if you get an answer you like great! If not, you may be out a few hundred for the deposit, but a sick pup can cost thousands in vet bills!!!

    Good luck w/ the BC, they are my A1 favorite dog of all time!

  • Well breeders selling show line border collies are turning them into dogs completely unlike the original herding dogs, and with the preference of breeding looks over temperament, the intelligence level is going down. But I do like the look of some of the dogs on the site. I always look for a good alert eye in a collie, it shows the intelligence and the willingness to learn.

  • I didn’t see anywhere on there about how many breedings take place each year or when do they first breed? I only came across one breeding that said they were OFA tested. I would ask those questions. It didn’t say what they were registered with, of course I might have missed that. Usually breeders put that sort of thing up: like champion titled,etc.

    Here are some links to help:


    I would suggest either adopting a border or buying from a reputable breeder- maybe listed with the Border Collie Society( which is the parent club to AKC).

    You can also try petfinder. you can search by city/state for specific breeds.


  • They look reputable, but I wouldn’t buy from someone breeding AKC Border Collies. Many AKC Border Collie breeders are breeding the work ethic right out of them. If you don’t plan on herding, why not just get a pup from a Border Collie rescue? They aren’t to my liking, putting too many litters of pups on the ground.

  • From what I see on the website, they look reputable! But, I just glanced at the website for a minute.

    If you have any doubts, be sure to visit and meet with the breeder in person, ask for a reference from their vet, and try to get any questions that you may have resolved.

    Best of Luck!

  • Dual Oaks Farm

  • all dogs are smart, its just a matter of working with them what they are originally bred to do. keeping their mind stimulated, all you have to do if you have doubts about the certain breeder that you sent with the site, is call them up be as honest as possible, say i have doubts about the site, i dont want to have in my mind that im not getting what i paid for. training for worker dogs especially herding dogs are full energy and need tons and tons of exercise and you have to keep them doing something besides laying around. im sure you know that by examining these sites about this type of breed but you really need to look deeper into their business either by visiting the area and seeing the dogs yourself other than just pictures and everybody has their own opinion about the same interests as you, some good some bad, but in order for you to make the choice you have to be the one to see it, and hear you own words and avoiding everybody elses words.

  • These dogs aren’t breeding quality. They aren’t champion titled, and haven’t proven themselves..If they were, the breeder would post all of that on their site.

    Go to the Border Collie Club of America for reputable breeders.