Current Gold Prices in Canada: Today’s Rates for 22k and 24k Gold

Updated on January 25, 2024

Explore the Latest Gold Prices in Canada: Find Today’s Rates for 22k and 24k Gold in this Article, along with other essential details on the current market.

Gold Price in Canada

The cost of Gold and other precious metals is constantly in flux. Gold prices in Canada are influenced by various significant factors, such as global economic conditions, demand and supply dynamics, currency strength, and other relevant variables.

Gold, being a high-value asset, experiences continuous fluctuations in its price. Moreover, the price of Gold is contingent on its purity level. Presently, the Gold price in Canada is around 87.22 Canadian Dollars per gram.

What affects Gold Price in Canada?

The price of gold is subject to fluctuations influenced by various factors. The gold market holds a crucial position in the global economy, and an increase in gold prices often raises concerns among investors and businesses. Looking back in history, gold has played a significant role, serving as a major currency in various parts of the world.

Investors and traders closely track fluctuations in gold prices, extending their attention to silver, platinum, and other significant metals and currencies. One influential factor affecting the gold price in Canada is currency strength. A robust Canadian Dollar makes gold more affordable for Canadians, boosting demand and potentially increasing its price. Conversely, a weaker Canadian dollar may elevate gold prices for Canadians, leading to decreased demand and a potential price drop.

Additionally, investors can analyze historical trends and price patterns of gold prices in Canada to gain insights and make informed decisions. However, it’s crucial for them to consider current market conditions before making substantial gold investments.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of changes in gold prices, it’s essential to factor in both historical data and current market conditions. When making investment decisions in gold, one should also take into account other influential factors, such as demand and supply dynamics.

What is the Price of 22k and 24k Gold in Canada as of Today?

As mentioned earlier, the price of gold is influenced by its purity percentage, typically measured in karats. People often discuss their expenditures on 24k or 22k gold jewelry, with 24k being the highest purity at 100%. The purity scale ranges from 0 to 24, where 24 karats signify 24 parts of gold.

For instance, 10k gold consists of 10 parts gold and 14 parts alloys, while 8k gold comprises 8 parts gold and 16 parts alloys. Common alloys used include silver, zinc, nickel, among others. Additionally, the addition of alloys or metals can modify the color of the gold based on preferences.

In essence, jewelry with fewer gold parts will have a lower price compared to pieces with more gold parts, as higher karat gold commands a higher price.

As of today, the prices of 22k and 24k gold in Canada are –

PurityPrice (1 g)
24k87 CAD (approx.)
22k80 CAD (approx.)
21k76 CAD (approx.)
18k65 CAD (approx.)

Please note that these prices are approximations, and the actual price may vary. Gold prices are dynamic, subject to continuous fluctuations.

As of now, the price for 1 ounce of 24k gold is around 2,718 CAD, while 1 ounce of 22k gold in Canada is approximately 2,495 CAD. For 1 kilogram of 24k gold, the cost is about 87,404 CAD, and 1 kilogram of 22k gold is priced at around 80,237 CAD. It’s evident that the price of 1 gram, 1 kilogram, and 1 ounce of gold varies based on its purity.

These figures are based on approximate prices as of October 20, 2023. The gold prices in Canada will be updated shortly.


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