Has anyone been to Paris ?

Updated on August 6, 2022

21 Answers

  • Yes. Fantastic city. One of my favorites. Best in late spring, but considering the present travel restrictions not in the cards.

  • Yes, several times. It’s well worth visiting. But please do learn about French etiquette before you go, and a few phrases in French wouldn’t go amiss either. 

  • A couple times, seen much of the city, rive gauche and more.  Pretty good food, but Lyons has even better.

  • Millions of people have been to Paris, it is a premiere tourist destination.  Even Adolf Hitler went to Paris.

  • Too many stupid answers. Of course she’s talking about Paris in France. I mean duh? Can’t you see the tags?

  • Why do Americans have to specify Paris, France from Paris Texas etc?

    The rest of the world says Paris and automatically thinks of the capital of France with 10 million people rather than a tiny dust bowl town in the middle of nowhere.

    Yes I have been to Paris, wonderful city but I’ve never been to Paris , Texas.

  • I’ve never been there. But I would love to in the future.

  • Of course not far from London also in Ontario.A hundred waterfalls within an hour’s drive in Hamilton.

    If you mean a Paris in some other country it really helps to specify.

    The one in France is large the ones in Canada and the USA are small towns.

  • a few times but not recently

  • The one in Texas I have.

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