Having answered 90 Qs in 10 days, why has Yahoo only added 3 to my tally? 30 Qs had been removed but that leaves 55 unaccounted for – odd?

Updated on August 6, 2022

I keep a log and know that 10 days ago Yahoo credited me with 40,683 answers while today I only have 40,688 despite having answered 90 questions. Given that 30 Qs were removed by Yahoo, that still leaves me 55 answers short on my official total. And that’s only over the last 10 days. This trend is detectable over many months, if not years. Any ideas what’s going on, folks?

2 Answers

  • I lost 10, all those answered, in one day!

    Only noticed because the pointed were exactly what they’d been a day earlier!

    Given up caring! 

  • site closing down, so many glitches. And who really cares? It will all be completely GONE soon.

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