How to Calculate VAT on Amazon Sales

Calculate VAT on Amazon sales for your e-commerce business

Amazon FBA is a popular option for many e-business owners, but figuring out how to accurately track sales may be a tedious experience. Consider how VAT is calculated on Amazon purchases.

Your e-commerce business must be familiar with Amazon FBA VAT, regardless of whether it is now VAT-registered or if it is expected to do so in the near future. For now, we’re only focusing on Amazon’s sales in the United Kingdom, but if you’re selling in other countries, you should seek the guidance of a trained specialist.

It is important to remember that you must register for VAT if your VAT taxable turnover is greater than £85,000, and your VAT taxable turnover is the sum of all sales that are not exempt from the tax.

To compute VAT on Amazon purchases, here’s the formula…

The Amazon guidance

Even if you’ve already read the essentials, it’s always a good idea to start with the original source material. To comply with the regulations of the European Union, Amazon is obligated to charge VAT on all orders that are delivered within the EU. In compliance with the laws of each member state, VAT is charged.”

There is a 20% standard rate of VAT in the United Kingdom, which is included in all Amazon prices.

Amazon VAT Calculation Service

As of July 2019, only business-to-business (B2B) Amazon sales are eligible for the Amazon VAT Calculation Service (VCS).

Amazon business accounts will automatically see your sales price without VAT calculated and displayed once you’ve registered, but personal account holders won’t see any changes to the prices presented to them. A VAT invoice generated by the VCS will be sent to businesses who purchase your product.

How to calculate VAT on Amazon sales – Standard rate

Let’s look at how to compute your VAT if you sell things under the standard rate since we assume you are an e-commerce business owner who is aware of the applicable VAT rate.

Non-business customers on Amazon will pay £12 for a product priced at £10 under the regular VAT rate of 20%. Here, it is evident that the VAT is $2. To be clear, this amount is deducted from the sale price before any Amazon fees are applied. Working backward from your final sales price, you may simply divide your final sales amount by six to arrive at the VAT figure if you are using the normal rate. A sale of £54 divided by six is £9 VAT.

Calculate your VAT for Amazon FBAHow to calculate VAT on Amazon sales – Flat Rate or Non-standard Rate Goods

Free VAT calculators are accessible online if you are registered under the flat rate scheme or if you sell goods that do not fall under the regular rate.

You can get a breakdown of your gross, net, and VAT statistics for the sale by entering your sales price into this tool and then deducting or adding VAT at a rate you select.

Can I use Amazon’s VAT Calculation Service globally or only within the EU?

The Amazon EU VAT Calculation Service only works with items shipped from within the EU and can only be used for sales on Amazon EU marketplaces.

But if any orders are transported from outside the EU to the EU, Amazon’s VAT Calculation Service will issue a receipt for tax purposes.

Should I continue to issue VAT invoices once I enroll in Amazon’s VAT Calculation Service?

Customers who have entered their VAT number or tax number into their Amazon accounts will have invoices and credit notes generated automatically by Amazon’s VAT Calculation Service.

Can VAT Calculation Service correct VAT invoices?

Amazon’s VAT Calculation Service allows you to change aBilling Address on the VAT invoice. Credit notes and a revised VAT invoice can also be issued as part of the service’s solution.

Is it mandatory to have a VAT number to join Amazon’s VAT Calculation Service?

Yes! If a seller wants to use the VAT Calculation Service, he or she must submit a valid EU VAT registration number. You also need to

Please give all linked EU VAT numbers for countries where your company’s inventory is stored.

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