South Africa Value Added Tax (VAT) Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on May 14, 2022

South Africa Value Added Tax (VAT) Frequently Asked Questions

Value Added Tax (VAT) collection in South Africa for remote services provided by South African residents to marketers of remote services.

Please note that nothing on this page should be construed as tax, legal, or any other type of professional advice. When in doubt, seek the advice of qualified professionals.

When providing’remote services’ to South African people, non-resident enterprises are required by the South African Government to collect South African VAT at a rate of 15%. Remote services include the fees charged by Amazon sellers. A normal rate of 15 percent VAT on Selling on Amazon fees (listing/referral services) and subscription fees will be applied to all South African vendors.

Please visit the South Africa Tax Office website to learn more about this and how it may affect your Selling on Amazon account.

I have a Selling account; how does South African VAT apply?

Fees for listing and referral services charged to your Amazon selling account in South Africa are subject to VAT at a 15% rate.

What is the best way to include my South African VAT number on my bill?

Your South African VAT ID can be entered into Seller Central if you’d like Amazon to include it on your invoices.

Amazon requires your South African VAT number:
Enter Seller Central and select Account Info from the Settings menu.
Click on VAT information under the Tax Information section.
Pick South Africa from the drop-down menu.
Please provide your VAT number here.
All of the Tax registration agreement’s conditions are accepted and acknowledged when you click “I agree.”
To save your work, click the Save button.

How do I obtain a South African VAT ID?

You may be able to apply for a South African VAT ID online by visiting the website of your local tax office. If you have any issues about registering for a South African VAT ID, contact your tax advisor.

I am not a South African resident; will Amazon charge my account South African VAT on fees?

No, if you are not a South African citizen, you will not be subject to South African VAT collection when selling on Amazon through your selling account. Your tax advisor can assist you determine if you are required to pay South Africa’s Value Added Tax (VAT).

I updated my information to reflect my current address, which is outside South Africa. Why is Amazon continuing to collect South African VAT?

When an order is placed, Amazon calculates and collects South African VAT on fees. You will have paid South African VAT if the information you supplied at the time of shipping indicated that you were a South African resident. It’s possible that you had pending orders before you updated your address and payment information.

Make a thorough check of your seller account information by going to Seller Account Information and going through each section one by one.

Consider the fact that your seller account may have multiple addresses and payment options.

I am no longer a resident of South Africa, and I have updated all my information to reflect my current address. Can Amazon refund previously-charged South African VAT to my seller account?

In accordance with the details in your seller account, Amazon has been mandated to charge and remit South African VAT. To refund the South African VAT, Amazon must have adequate information to link your account to South Africa at the time of VAT calculation and collection.

How do I receive a refund for previously charged South African VAT on my seller account?

You have the right to ask for a VAT refund if you believe you have been overcharged.

Refund requests should be made in the following manner:

1. Contact Amazon Seller Support through the Contact us form.

Choose to Sell on Amazon
Then select Other concerns. Frequently Asked Tax Questions
Your seller account will be refunded the South African VAT that was charged to it.
When your request has been processed, you will be notified through email. If your refund request has been granted, you’ll receive an email notifying you of the expected date of arrival.

Will Amazon provide me with an invoice for any South African VAT collected on Selling on Amazon fees?

Sellers in South Africa who are charged VAT on their Selling on Amazon fees will get a monthly tax invoice from Amazon. Your seller account’s monthly invoice will be sent to the primary email address you provide us with.

You may also access your monthly bills by heading to Seller Central > Reports > Tax Document Library > Seller Fee Tax Invoices in the Tax Document Library section.

Under Order Details in your Seller Central Selling account, you will also notice VAT on your listing and referral money.