Where Do I Find My VAT Reference Number?

Updated on May 14, 2022

HMRC issues a registration certificate to businesses that are VAT registered, which includes your unique VAT number. You (or your agent) can set up an online VAT account as soon as you acquire your VAT registration certificate.

What does my VAT reference number look like?

A UK VAT number will have nine digits. There is a prefix ‘GB’ for businesses in England, Scotland, and Wales and a suffix ‘xi’ that applies to those in Northern Ireland. Because of the unique VAT connection between Northern Ireland and the European Union, they are distinct.

What do I need to become VAT registered?

Online, by mail, or through a third-party agent, you can apply for VAT registration for your business. Although hardcopy papers can be downloaded and mailed in, most firms request their VAT reference online.

Details about your annual turnover and the nature of your business will be required from you by HMRC. Using the suitable VAT accounting scheme and accurately registering for VAT is critical.

What is my VAT effective date?

The date of your VAT registration is known as the ‘VAT effective date.’ Input tax paid before this date can be reclaimed by firms, up to a maximum of:

Goods should be ready in four years (as long as you still own them in the business).
6 months for services

MTD VAT Software

Reclaiming and paying VAT after registration

VAT (output tax) is charged on the sale of taxable goods and services after the registration date.

This signifies that you have paid more VAT on purchases than your customers have paid to you. As a result, you’ll receive a refund from HMRC.
Customers have already paid you more VAT than you spent on purchases if your output tax is higher than your input tax. HMRC will collect the difference.

How do I tell HMRC about VAT I owe or want to reclaim?

Every three months, you’ll need to submit a VAT return using your VAT online account or via Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT.

Using our free accounting software, customers may submit MTD-compliant VAT returns straight from Pandle to HMRC. Pandle’s cloud-based system is very secure and does a lot of the heavy-lifting administrative work of keeping VAT records and calculating them, making it ideal for small businesses.

Do I need my VAT number after registering?

Your VAT number should appear on every correspondence, such as invoices, that you send out. To verify the authenticity of someone else’s VAT number, you have two options:

You can reach the HMRC VAT helpdesk at 0300 200 3700.
VIES can be used to check for newly registered VAT numbers, however they may not show up immediately.
To begin using MTD for VAT compliant software, sign up for a free Pandle account. Consider using Pandle with your clients if you’re an accountant or bookkeeper.