How do you register for VAT?

Updated on May 25, 2022

Register online through ROS

Using Revenue Online Service, you or your tax agent can register your firm for Value-Added Tax (VAT) (ROS). To take advantage of this benefit, you must have a business in the state.

What registration forms should you complete online?

In order to apply for a business licence in the state, applicants must fill out the following paperwork online:

Individuals, single proprietors, partnerships, and trusts should use the TR1 registration form.
Form TR2 for limited liability businesses.

Can you submit a paper application form?

You or your tax advisor will get all paper applications that might have been done electronically. A request to process the application online will be included with the returned application.

Applicants who are unable to use ROS may submit a paper version of the form to their local Revenue office in some cases. The Contact Us page of our website has all of our contact information.

Applications from out-of-state businesses should be sent in paper form, along with the accompanying forms:

To register individuals, sole traders, trusts and partnerships with the TR1(FT) registration form
Form TR2(FT) for limited liability businesses.
Send the appropriate form to:

P.O. Box 1 Wexford, the Revenue Commissioners’ Office for Business Tax Registration

When will the VAT registration take effect?

After Revenue receives your completed application, your local tax district and you agree on a date for your VAT registration to take effect.

Your registration will take effect as soon as you submit your application for tax-exempt status at the beginning of the taxable year.

Within 30 days of a change in your personal information, you must notify your local tax office.

How do you re-register for VAT?

You can re-register for VAT through Revenue’s eRegistration tool if your registration has been cancelled.

VAT registration necessitates electronic filing and payment of tax returns and payments. Information on paying and filing taxes electronically can be found in the section on mandatory efiling.