How do I write a letter to Ellen DeGeneres? I need the address?

Updated on August 6, 2022

I need the address for Ellen DeGeneres. It would be much appreciated.

14 Answers

  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show

    PO Box 7788

    Burbank, CA 91522

    Attn: Fan Mail

  • Ellen Degeneres Address

  • Contact Ellen Degeneres

  • How do I write A letter to Ellen Degeneres

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    How do I write a letter to Ellen DeGeneres? I need the address?

    I need the address for Ellen DeGeneres. It would be much appreciated.

  • I wanted to write again to say what a wonderful sister I have. Ellen she has not given a kidney or transplant of that type. Ellen she has been there for me so many other ways. She has help me with money at times when she could that is when she sacrificed her on bills. Her name is Martha Baker of Longview Texas. Ellen Martha even got me a 2002 Ford Ranger about 5 years ago and since I was on very hard times she paid the note until it was paid off and to this day she pays the insurance and inspection sticker as well as license sticker. Martha is 72 years old and still works at Texas Die Casting in Longview. I know there are so many stories that deserve much more attention than mine. Please help Martha with a vacation to London or Scotland she so much deserves this. I love her with all my heart and with tears in my eyes I ask you PLEASE help her with a vacation She is also hurting for money. Ellen GOD Bless and keep you. Ray Holeman of Beaumont Texas. 77706

  • hay I need some one help if I can find some one that can help me out I have a brother that have 7 boys and he is sick and his grilfiend is sick now my brother have asthma and have copd and have heart failer and diabetias and kidiney problem ther have to travel 75 miles to her doctor and have to drive 3 hours a way his doctor and his doctor said he have 8 years to live what I need help is if some one can add 1 or 2 room in the house for the kids there have 3 bed room in the house and 9 people in the house there have 3 kids in one room and 4 kids in a other room so I can use some help from ellen if I can find her address my brother don t know I am doing this for him my name is jody stewart my addres is 11113 n main st Jamestown ny 14701 if you have her address can you gave it to her piz and thanks

  • hi my name is michelle. I am writing to you because of my critically ill sister. You are definitely a class act. I have thought about writing and I don t expect any help but it doesn t hurt to try right? I have been taking care of my sisters bills but if I could get some breathing room that would help. I always think wouldn t it be great to give her a good sized lump to cover bills until we can work something else out, that would make me feel great. if you could let me know what you think or maybe if there are other organizations helping now. Thank you and god bless.

  • Can I email Ellen

  • 331 Barbara Terrace Kingston New York 12401

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