VAT Calculator – How to Calculate VAT

Updated on May 28, 2022

Worried about the amount of VAT that may be charged? If the price includes VAT, how much VAT should you expect to pay?

It is possible to compute VAT in both its exclusion and its inclusion using an online VAT calculator. Just plug in the number and get your VAT computations done.



How Vat Calculator works

Taxable value and tax amount can be calculated using the VAT calculator. The price and the VAT rate are all you need to know to figure out the VAT. You can determine whether or not a tax is exclusive or inclusive using the VAT calculator.

Exclusive of VAT

If you’d like, you can put the whole cost of the goods or service, excluding VAT, in this field. When you choose to exclude VAT, the following formula will be used to calculate the applicable VAT rate.

Taxable Value = Rate of VAT÷100

Inclusive of VAT

In this case, the quantity or price is shown with VAT already included. In other words, it accounts for both the product’s price and the applicable VAT. The VAT amount can be calculated using the following formula when the price provided is inclusive of VAT:

Value-added tax (VAT) is calculated as follows: 100 multiplied by the tax rate X

A product’s taxable price is equal to the product’s total cost multiplied by 100 percent.

What is input Vat and output VAT?

Input VAT and output VAT are essential concepts in the VAT system. Here are few instances to make it clear.

Output VAT

Output Tax is the tax that is collected when a product or service is sold. A-One Traders, for instance, sold items valued $1,000,000 Plus 5% tax. A-One Traders’ 5,000 tax is a production tax.

Input VAT

“Input Tax” is a term used to describe the tax paid while purchasing products or services. A-One Traders, for example, paid Jumbo Distributors $50,000, plus 5% tax, for a shipment of goods. A-One Traders paid an Input Tax of $2,500.

How to calculate VAT payment?

A firm must pay VAT, however this does not mean that the entire amount of VAT collected on sales must be paid. Here is the formula for calculating or determining how to pay the government’s VAT.

Output VAT – Input VAT – VAT Payments (minus) Input the VAT

Calculate your total output VAT collected throughout the tax period and your total input VAT that is eligible for reimbursement. That’s all there is to it. Apply the calculation above once you’ve figured out your output VAT and your input VAT.

The difference between your output VAT and your input VAT is what you’ll have to pay in taxes. There will be no VAT owed if output VAT is less than the input VAT, because the refund will cover the difference.

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VAT Registration Criteria

The government of the United Arab Emirates has established three different tax brackets based on the company’s annual revenue. the following are the three slabs that make up the table:

VAT registration is required for firms with a yearly revenue of more than AED 375,000.
VAT registration is not required for firms with yearly revenues between AED 187,500 and AED 375,000.
There is no need to register for VAT if your yearly revenue is less than AED 187,500.


How is the VAT calculation in UAE?

The standard VAT rate in the United Arab Emirates is 5% of the invoice value (barring special cases like the profit margin scheme). Let’s say the cost price of the product or service is AED 100. The current VAT rate is 5%. AED 5.00 would be the Input VAT if that is the case.

How do you add 5% VAT on a calculator?

The net sum must be multiplied by 1 plus the VAT percentage in order to arrive at the gross VAT amount.

How do you take VAT off a price?

If you want to exclude VAT, divide the gross amount by 1+ VAT %, remove the gross amount, multiply by -1, and round it off to the nearest value.

What is VAT Calculation Formula to calculate VAT in UAE and Other Gulf Countries?

Value-added tax (VAT) is calculated as follows: 100 multiplied by the tax rate X

What is the VAT on 100?

Using the previous example, the input VAT would be AED 5.00 if the cost price of the products or services was AED 100.