How to calculate the VAT on an invoice?

Updated on May 30, 2022

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  1. What is VAT?
  2. How to easily calculate the VAT on an invoice?
  3. Price including VAT (all taxes included):
  4. Price before tax :
  5. Adding the VAT
  6. Base price plus VAT
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The invoice is a critical aspect of the purchasing process because it includes all the relevant information and the price.. This document must include information on the applicable sales tax. A lot of folks aren’t sure about it. Here, we’ll show you how to compute VAT on an invoice if you’re one of those people.

What is VAT?

An explanation for value-added tax (VAT) is provided below.
Each product or service must be paid for with a tax, levy, or additional charge.

How to easily calculate the VAT on an invoice?

Because it is widespread in the trading system, you must learn how to perform this calculation. Whether you’re a business owner, a director, a want tobe entrepreneur, or just a citizen, this guide is for you. We’ll show you how to accomplish it quickly and easily.

Price including VAT (all taxes included):

The VAT is included in the final price if the price quoted is inclusive of VAT. It’s the one that’s already on the invoice when you’re about to purchase a few things. The price and the percentage amount can change, so keep an eye on them when doing the math.

Divide the total by the VAT percentage to get started. It’s a good question. It’s a cinch to do. For example, if the total cost is €2,000 and the VAT rate is 10%, you divide €2,000 by 1.10. This gives you the price without VAT, which is €1,818.18. You must remove €1,818.18 from the invoice total, which is €2,000, including VAT.

As a result, you’ll get €181.82, which means that the VAT should be included in the invoice. You must multiply 20% by 1.20 to get the VAT percentage. If the percentage is 15%, the answer is 1.15. The concept is to multiply the proportion by 1.

Price before tax :

When a pricing excludes tax, VAT does not appear in the total cost. The VAT must subsequently be determined. In the beginning, this may seem impossible. However, after all the numbers are laid out, it will be much easier to understand. To get the sales price inclusive of VAT, multiply the pre-tax sales price by the applicable VAT rate to arrive at the final sales price.

However, how can you be sure that your price calculation, which includes VAT, is correct? As simple as that is, too. As an example, let’s take a look at the invoice for €2,000 that includes VAT. Adding 10% (VAT rate), or €181.82 to the ex-VAT price (€1,818.18), is required here.
This manner, you can be sure that everything went according to plan.

Adding the VAT

This time, you wish to add the VAT percentage to the price of one or more things This isn’t as difficult as you might have thought it was. These products’ basic prices must be multiplied by the percentage to arrive at this result. In this case, 10 percent would be 0.10 multiplied.

Let’s say that the goods is valued €1,215 before taxes (before VAT) and that the VAT rate is 10%. You get €121.5 by multiplying €1,215 by 0.010. This indicates that the €121.50 figure is the VAT. You’re still not getting it, are you? Using the example above, let’s get this straight.

Consider that the price before tax is €1,818.18 and that the VAT rate is 10%. The VAT amount is €181.82 if you multiply €1,818.18 by 0.10 percent, which is €181.82.
When you add €1,818.18 and €181.82 together, you get the invoice price of €2,000, inclusive of VAT.

Base price plus VAT

You can also divide the base price by the VAT to get the total cost. In this context, the procedure is to multiply the price of the product without VAT by 1.10. (adding the number 1 to the percentage). To put it another way, multiplying €1,818.18 by 1.10 results in €2,000.


There are numerous ways to calculate VAT on an invoice, as you can see. This is something we’ve already covered in detail. This is especially important for those who are contractors, self-employed or directors.

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