How to calculate the VAT on an invoice?

Updated on July 20, 2022

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  1. What is VAT?
  2. How to easily calculate the VAT on an invoice?
  3. Price including VAT (all taxes included):
  4. Price before tax :
  5. Adding the VAT
  6. Base price plus VAT
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When making a purchase, it’s critical to have an invoice because it contains all of the pertinent details, including the final cost.

There must be a mention of the applicable sales tax in this document.

This has sparked a lot of debate. We’ll show you how to figure out the VAT on an invoice if you fall into this category.

What is VAT?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with VAT, this definition could help.
Taxes, levies, or other additional fees must be paid before a product or service can be purchased.

How to easily calculate the VAT on an invoice?

The market uses this formula regularly, therefore you need to grasp how it works.

Whether you’re a business owner or just a member of the general public, this education is for you. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.

Price including VAT (all taxes included):

If the listed price includes VAT, the final price includes the VAT.

All of this information will be included on your invoice if you make a single or several purchases.

Only pay attention to the price and % while calculating it, as they can differ.

To begin, multiply the result by the VAT percentage and divide by the result.

No, I don’t think so.

For the most part, it’s a one-step method In this case, divide €2,000 by 1,10 if VAT is included in the purchase and the VAT rate is ten percent. For example, the total cost of €2,000 includes VAT (VAT).

This brings the total to €1,818.18 before taxes. The total invoice amount (€2,000) should be reduced by €1,818.18 before any discounts may be applied to it.

In the end, you’ll obtain €181.82, which indicates that VAT should be included in the invoice.

The VAT percentage is calculated by multiplying 20% by 1.20.

The answer is 1.15 if the percentage is 15%. Increasing the overall percentage by a single percentage point is the goal

Price before tax :

If the transaction is not taxed, no VAT is levied.

Finally, the arithmetic on the VAT is done. But this could seem impossible at first.

If all of the numbers are in order, the process will be much easier.

Before taxes are applied, a customer’s pre-tax price is multiplied by the applicable VAT rate.

What’s more, how can you know if the price includes the relevant VAT? That’s a breeze, as well. Take a look at a €2,000 VAT-inclusive invoice as an example. Ex-VAT price must be added to the ex-VAT price by 10%, or €181.82.
This strategy is employed to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Adding the VAT

You’ve decided to incorporate VAT sometimes in purchases so that you can save money.

It’s a lot less difficult than you would think. Add a fraction to the base price to get the precise amount.

As a sample, a 10% increment in the initial value yields a 0.010.

Pre-tax (without VAT) value is €1,215 if contributors to the overall €1,215 before VAT.

A total of €121.5 is obtained by multiplying €1,215 by a decimal of 0.010. Finally, a €121.50 VAT refund was issued.

Despite the passing of so many years, you still don’t seem to get it.

The example from the preceding paragraph warrants a closer look.

The item costs €1,818.18 (€1,818.18 + 10% VAT) before taxes and fees. Multiply €1,818.18 by 10% to arrive at the VAT.
A total of €2,000 is obtained by adding €1,818.18 and €181.82.

Base price plus VAT

You can also divide the base price by the VAT to get the total cost.

In this context, the procedure is to multiply the price of the product without VAT by 1.10. (adding the number 1 to the percentage). To put it another way, multiplying €1,818.18 by 1.10 results in €2,000.


Various ways can be used to calculate VAT on an invoice.

In the past, we’ve discussed the great variety of options you have in this regard. If you are a contractor, self-employed individual, or director of a corporation, we strongly recommend that you take this step immediately.