How to dial a Mexican 800 number from the U.S.?

Updated on August 6, 2022

I have tried everything and I’m beginning to think it can’t be done. Here is the number as you would dial it in Mexico 01-800-831-4444.

Still, nothing works. I think it’s impossible!!

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  • Bob from MP was the closest to making your call happen.

    Unfortunatelly 800 numbers are limited to certain calling areas. if it were to work you have to dial 011 52 (800) then the number.

    Most companies en Mexico that have 800 numbers in the states, also have an office in the states where they can recieve the call and in some cases they can call forward as they pay for the incoming call was well as the forward.

    Looks like we will beat you there! We are in CA tonight and tuesday morning we fly to PV.

    Have a nice trip.

  • Happy New Year Jessy!

    I prefer pre-paid calling cards and they are available and not very costly!,, look at this also

    How to Call Mexico from the United States


    1. Figure out what time it is in the area. There are three official Time Zones in Mexico which correspond to what in the U.S. are Pacific, Mountain, and Central Time.

    2. Dial 011 the international access code. You might ask your long distance company if there another way to dial to Mexico.

    3. Dial 52, the country code for Mexico.

    4. Dial the area code for the city you want to call, they are a 3 number code just as in the rest of North America. Codes for the 3 biggest cities are of only 2 digits as follows: Mexico City (D.F.) 55, Monterrey 81 and Guadalajara 33.

    5. Dial the rest of the 7 digits telephone number. Major cities telephone numbers are composed of 8 digits.

    6. Add 1 after the country code (eg. 52-1) if you are calling a mobile phone.

    Good Luck.


  • Dial 01-52-800 and then the 7 digit number. It worked for me.

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  • Toll free calls rarely apply for international customers.

    You can try, dialing 01+052+018008314444

    If it doesnt work i recommend u to call your Telephone Service Company (i.e At&T) to ask how to call to a Mexican 800 from the US. They will give you a code to dial before the 800.

    Althought they will charge you a little fee this way, you would be able to call that number.

  • After looking at the SKY TV website, and not speaking Spanish, we noticed a local number Adding 5255 to the 51690000 and it worked. Thank you all for your help. I use Skype when ever possible and it varries from 2 cents to 10 cents a minute to land lines and .33 for cell phones.

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  • Mikey say 01 get’s you international.

    052 get’s you Mexico.

    01-052-800-831-4444 ??????????

    I have to tell the little switches I want to go international – 01

    I want then to go Mexico – 052

    and the number I want in Mexico.

    That’s Mikeys advice.

  • use a phone card. just don’t put 01in the begining

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