Updated on August 6, 2022

Im a 6’2 13 year old 8th grade Forward. I start for my AAU team. Im planning on busting my a$$ this summer to take my game to the next level, do you know of any camps that i can attend to get my name out there? im planning on going to a 5 star basketball camp and a nike camp where else should i be at to get scouts interested in me?

I live in Georgia

3 Answers

  • My best adivce is to ask your AAU coach, I’m sure he will be glad to help you get on a realistic goals. As for you a 6’2 8th grade, I’m thinking you will grow into 6’4 or 6’5 tops in high school. Try

    to be a guard since your tall enough and I would like you go your high school basketball camp before you start 9th grade. It is an oppruinty to make Varisty as a freshman if you have a skills and discipline to do that. *If you get in high school, be sure to ask the coach to help you get on a level of play to reach a high level of college basketball and he can help you get to pro (NBA). Make sure you have high grades with C’s or highers but aim B or higher I insists. Don’t worry just ask your coach.

  • Try to see if the atlanta hawks have a camp for kids. The lakers do and you are of age to go. It costs money, but check into that. You can meet some players and they will teach you. Keep it up if u have the money for it and make sure to go to college and play basketball there. Go to a good university. Some colleges allow scouters to go without even telling u so make sure you are on your game every game.

  • nike is without doubt the most important one, nonetheless you’ve got obtained to get invited. i did a basketball camp with delvon roe and that helped tons. it was bob nance’s basketball camp he’s played **** with like ben wallace and what now not

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