how to overclock pentium dual core e2180 2.0ghz to 2.6ghz?

Updated on August 6, 2022

2gb ram ddr2

7 Answers

  • Dont try to overclock, because its not compatible with “auto” overclock, which means you’ll have to manually overclock and it is very risky and unless you know waht you’re doing, you can fry your whole desktop. Also, your hardware is too old to run anything, so just get a new one, because even overclocking and getting more ram won’t work. Get an HP from BestBuy.


    All major-brand manufacturers like HP, Dell, Gateway, Acer, Sony etc specifically choose motherboards and BIOS versions for their stock computers which DON’T support overclocking. They don’t want people creating technical support nightmares and frying their CPUs (which can easily happen if you aren’t careful). Their stock cooling fans and power supplies aren’t good enough to handle overclocking, even if the BIOS allowed it. Overclocking is only possible with self-built units that have generic motherboards (and you’ll need better than stock cooling) Slimline/small form factor units are the worst anyway…. their smaller chassis means a cramped interior with poor airflow/cooling, and they have weak proprietary power supplies.

  • hello buddy

    Overclocking can be dangerous, because one of my friend fried his CPU while doing this.

    by the way if you still want to overclock your PC try the following link…

    there will be almost negligible improvement in performance.

  • a 1% to 2% increase in performance, is not worth the trouble.

  • if you can tell me which motherboard are you using i can explain it there is no risk in overclocking

  • I think clockgen will work for you!but you should pay attention for checking the right PLL for your mobo!

    Whatch these videos on, or visit this site:…

  • google it

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