How to use rescue remedy? How long does it last?

Updated on August 6, 2022

I’ve a Driving test coming up pretty soon. I drive quite well but I get really nervous whenever I’m being examined on anything. My 1st attempt at the test went bad- just because I was nervous. A friend of mine recommended taking rescue remedy drops this time before the test. I’d give it a go as I have nothing to lose anyway.

So how do I take it? I was thinking 4 drops on tongue 6 hours before the test and again an hour before the test? How long is the effect supposed to last?

PS. Even if you think it’s a placebo effect please don’t answer it that way- would just bring my confidence level down.

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  • You can’t overdose on RR. Take it whenever you feel your anxiety level rise. Put a dropperful in an 8 oz water bottle and sip it throughout the day. Not when you are actually driving and you can do it before turning on the ignition or while taking the “written” part of the test.

    Good luck!

  • Hi

    Rescue Remedy does exactly what it says …. it rescues you . What this means is that you take it when your fear, anger, distress, grief (or other emotion) is at a very high level. This is when it works best.

    If you take it if you are mildly anxious you are unlikely to notice much effect. The higher the emotion, the more noticeable the effect.

    With this in mind, and knowing that you cannot overdose on it …. you now know exactly when to take it. Basically as often as you need it when your fear is running high. So … if you get terrified the night before the test, start taking it then. If however the terror only kicks in 5 minutes before the test, then thats when to take it.

    You can safely take it as often as needed, and how long it lasts depends on the situation and the person but if at first you need it every 4 or 5 minutes, thats fine …. you will find that your need for it gets less freqent …. so just follow your bodys lead. It knows best.

    It does not work preventatively however, so no point taking it “just in case” or extra doses “for good measure” etc. Just take it when it is actually needed.

    Regarding how to take it … there is no hard and fast rule but generally most people put 4 drops in water and sip the water. However, another option, is that you can drip a few drops straight onto your tongue and that works just as well. The advantage with this is that it means you can keep the tiny bottle in your pocket and easily take it as and when you need it without having to search for a glass of water. It also makes it easier to be discreet about it if you didnt want people to know you were taking it for any reason.

    Just as an aside … if you have lower level anxiety and wanted something for that, then there are a couple of homeopathic remedies that are great for “anticipatory anxiety” …. lycopodium or argenticum nitricum. Based on what you said about being nervous about any kind of test or exam, I would say Lycopodium is your best bet and it is easily available. Get a 6c or 30c potency and suck or chew one pill twice or three times daily. This will calm the nerves, give you confidence and settle the digestive reactions that you probably also get when you are anxious.

    You could start now with the lycopodium and then have the rescue remedy in reserve for “emergency” if the fear does still hit you. I have given this combination to many people over the years for nerves for driving tests, job interviews, school exams etc and even before giving speeches at weddings and it generally works really well for the majority of people.

    I hope this info helps and good luck with the test

  • The directions are right on the bottle. There are also lozenges available now.

    Rescue Remedy is a combination of 7 of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies. If you tend to react to certain situations the same way all of the time, you might want to investigate the other Bach Remedies to see what fits your personality type the best. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results you get — like losing your fear of tests. There are good descriptions of them here:

    Dr. Bach was a bona fide medical doctor and research scientist. He developed these medicines so that people could treat themselves at home without the great financial expense of paying a medical doctor. Reading his life story is a real eye-opener.

  • Rescue Drops

  • First off, I use Rescue Remedy and it is amazing stuff. Truly. I have anxiety troubles, and I find that Rescue Remedy helps me out big time. I use the spray stuff, though, so I am unsure of how many drops to use. But it should say on the bottle, or you can find it online.

    I would take it right before bed the night before the test. It will help calm your nerves before going to sleep. I find that taking it at bedtime if I’ve got something nerve-wracking the next day provides significant improvement.

    The next morning, take some again when you think of it, then take some right before you leave your home to go to the driving test.

    That is what I would do in your situation. Best wishes!

  • I’ve been using Rescue Remedy for about 18 years and think its amazing stuff (and its not a placebo- I’ve used the cream on a bee sting on my daughter and it took away the pain, redness and swelling within 20 min!). Anyway, when I am totally stressing out (and I get panic attacks too), I take about 5-10 drops on tongue every 5 minutes during panic attacks. One of the things I do for just stressful situations is to take 5 drops (under tongue) in the morning then add a dropperful of Rescue Remedy to a bottle of spring water and keep sipping on that during the day.

    good luck on your test!

  • Any effect is purely placebo and relies on how gullible you are. It is mainly brandy, do you think it’s really a good idea to be taking alcohol before you drive? No of course not.

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