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Updated on February 8, 2022



The going rate


Schedule 2 paragraph 4(2)(a) specifies that supplies of ice for refrigeration on board seagoing vessels/boats with a gross tonnage of more than 15 tonnes are exempt from duty.

Value-Added Tax Consolidation Act 2010 (VATCA 2010) Ref

This section is 46(1). (a)


Many goods and services are listed in the Value-Added Tax (VAT) rates database. You can look at them, use the A to Z links, or search for them using the search box.

There is a list of the VAT rates in the database that show what people are doing right now. Each time new information comes out, the information is kept up to date.

If you want to know more about the law, you should read the law.

When goods and services are taxed, the Value-Added Tax Consolidation Act of 2010 is the law that says how they are taxed.

VAT rates database

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Current VAT rates


Current VAT rates
Date effective from Standard rate (%) Reduced rate (%) Second reduced rate (%) Livestock rate (%) Flat-rate compensation
percentage for Farmers (%)
1 January 2022      23     13.5           9      4.8             5.5
1 March 2021      23     13.5           9      4.8             5.6
1  January 2021      21     13.5           9      4.8             5.6
1 September 2020      21     13.5           9      4.8             5.4
1 January 2020      23     13.5           9      4.8             5.4