Information Required to Set Up a Company

Updated on April 15, 2022

You will require the following details at hand

1. Registered Office

The company’s official address is its registered office, which must be a physical location in the country where it was incorporated. You cannot use any PO Box numbers for this purpose or otherwise claim exempt status from section 11(1) of The Trading Funds Act 1920 when submitting forms with your annual returns – that means you’ll need an actual street name and number!

2. Business Activity

We’ll help you find your new company’s SIC code so it can be recorded with Companies House. This is done by choosing a standard industrial classification (SIC) that describes and classes all business activities in the UK, just like we do here at The Company Wizard!

3. Director’s Details

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4. Shareholders’ Details

The shareholder should have the information to be able to carry out their duties as well. First, they need a residential address that can also serve them in case of emergencies and not just at home-they must post it on public records if necessary with an office hours so no one will ever miss contacting this person due changes of circumstances or location during work times; Second is what I call “The Security Detail” which would include all personal details like nationality/nationality origins (or heritage), honorific titles accorded by law such us Mr., Mrs., Miss etc.; Thirdly three letters for both mother’s maiden name plus

5. Shareholders’ Details

Shareholders without PSCs have a limited range of options to protect themselves. These people will not be protected under the scheme, but there are other ways that they can take steps with their business interests in order for them not become vulnerable should something happen and put at risk due the impact it could wreak on those around this area!
For example you must include all necessary information when applying such as full name(including middle names if applicable), date/place o’birth & residential address along with service addresses (if any). What’s next? In addition provide nationality which is important because while some countries might contribute more than others financially towards schemes like these; certain ones may also refuse entry upon request

6. Secretary Details (Not Compulsory)

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7. Person with Significant Control (PSC) Details

Mr Smith
Mr. John SMITH, born on XX/XX/XXXX in London England as a British citizen ( father’s name ) . He is also the director and controlling shareholder of our company with majority shareholding holding at present time His residential address remains unchanged since founding but does have some travels around Africa which includes visits to Ghana for business meetings & development projects over past few years