Is is grammatically correct to say “I couldn’t be prouder”?

Updated on August 6, 2022

I was just wonder if this is grammatically correct. Should it be “I couldn’t have been more proud,” or does it not matter. If it helps this in reference to a sports team.

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  • 1.the comparative form of “proud” is prouder.

      It’s grammatically correct.

    2.”I couldn’t be prouder” means ” I’m proud enough now.”

    It is the subjunctive mood, used to express statements that are contrary to fact at present.

      It’s also grammatically correct.

  • PROUDER is the comparative form of proud because it has one syllable.

    Now, the two sentences have different meanings

    in the first you mean you have feelings of pride for something or someone and it refers to the present time.

    1.-“my daughter gets the highest scores in her classroom, I couldn’t be prouder”

    In the second sentence you refer to a past event and the way you felt in that moment.

    2.-” my daughter won the spelling bee competition when she was a girl, I couldn’t have have been prouder”

    you refer to an event in the past.

    In both sentences you should write prouder because that’s the correct comparative form of proud.

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  • Prouder is more of a slang way of using more proud which is the correct grammar and holds better etiquette.

  • Since “proud” has only one syllable, “prouder” is fine. We usually make short adjectives comparative or superlative by adding -er or -est and reserve “more” and “most” for those of at least two syllables.

    Source(s): Retired English professor
  • Either “more proud” or “prouder” are correct and interchangeable.

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    ‘Council’ is in the singular. Thus, you have to put ‘is’. I think you get confused because there is the word ‘money’, in the sentence – actually, the present continuous tense is referring to ‘council’ which is the subject, whereas ‘money’ is the object. Hope that helps.

  • The word “prouder” really isn’t much of a word is it? To be correct, use “more proud,” as in, “I could not have been more proud.”

    You are welcome.

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