is it correct to write “I look forward to your call”?

Updated on August 6, 2022

I wrote in a formal email: “I look forward to your call”

I’m not a mothertongue, so i was wondering if it’s ok!


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  • That is fine , slightly more formal would be ” I look forward to your telephone call “.

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  • I’m looking forward to your call would be the correct way to say that but thats not a big deal its just an email not an essay

  • I’m Looking forward to your call

  • I am writing a confirmation mail to interview call over email … In your case, you can write I look forward to the interview since the interview … “I look forward to the scheduled Interview” is grammatically correct, but to me (as a …

  • Its 100% right but id u want extra here it is :

    he usual way to say this is, “I am looking forward to talking to you.”

    However, some people think that, “I am looking forward to talking with you.” is better when a social conversation is anticipated.

    If the communication is linear, you use “to” in “talk to”

    If the communication is transactional, you use “with.”

    “talk to” or “talking to” is actually taken negative… like when you say… “I want to talk to you.”

    Read more:…

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