Is the website php-nuke safe?

Updated on August 6, 2022

My virus scanner says it is but I keep hearing it’s not.

5 Answers

  • What site address is your virus scanner detecting?

    If it’s the office Php-Nuke site – then it’s FINE.

    It’s a content management project.

    But check what URL address your virus is detecting though as it may be something else – like a dodgy site claiming to be Php-Nuke but it’s not and that might be your virus scanner is picking it up as bad.

  • NO! DO NOT DOWNLOAD! it’s 4 AM, I am tired and should’ve been done with my work an hour ago. But I’ve been deleting php-nuke and all of it’s add-ons from my computer. Whatever you do, DO NOT download from php-nuke!!!!!!

  • this site pretends to be php-nuke…

  • what site?

  • its not