Is there any word in english ‘ wantedly’?

Updated on August 6, 2022

can you help is there any word in english as wantedly

11 Answers

  • There is no such word as wantedly. Depending on the meaning you have in mind, you might be able to use ‘willingly’. Could you give more explanation of what you are looking for?

  • Wantedly Meaning

  • It is wantonly. Not wantedly. Wantonly means a cruel action done willfully or intentionally. There is no such grammar as wantedly. You must have heard it from someone who himself mispronounced it owing to a regional accent. Good Luck!!! I know I am too late with this answer.

  • yes, there is no such word called “wantedely”. people miss use this word in the place of purposefully. Hope you understand. Good luck!!

  • Do you mean “willingly”?

    I went out in the rain willingly.

  • i dont think so i’v never heard of that word

  • no it is not there in english

  • The nearest I can think of is “wantonly”.

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  • Not really — there’s just wanted and unwanted; or is it “wantonly” you mean, perhaps?

  • No

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