My girlfriend is 5’5 and 135lbs what size dress should I get her?

Updated on August 6, 2022

So I really wanna get her a dress I saw but don’t wanna ask her what size she wears. And I can’t wait until she wears a dress for me to check her size label cause I don’t have that much time to sit and wait. Any females out there have any idea what a 5’5 135lb girl size would be for a dress?? Is it medium or large? And no I don’t wanna buy her another item. I know she wants this particular dress. Thanks!!!

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  • awwww thats soo cute!!! your a great boyfriend!!

    Size Chart

    Children Sizes “K”

    Height under 48″ Weight under 40 lbs.

    Size 6

    Height 48″ to 52″ Weight 40 to 60 lbs

    Size 8

    Height 52″ to 56″ Weight 60 to 80 lbs


    Size 10

    Height 56″ to 60″ Weight 80 to 100 lbs

    Size 12

    Height 60″ to 64″ Weight 100 to 120 lbs

    Ladies Small

    Height 64″ to 66″ Weight 120 to 140 lbs

    Ladies Medium

    Height 66″ to 68″ Weight 130 to 140 lbs

    Ladies Large

    Height 68″ to 70″ Weight 130 to 150 lbs

    heres a website you can also go to 🙂

    good luck!!

  • I am 6 but more 4

  • 6

  • Sort of depends on where you buy the dress and the style of the dress but I would defiantly think Medium would work or a size 8

  • A medium is the best bet or size 6-8 it depends

  • medium

    a 5 or 7

  • Sounds like possibly a size 5-6-7 in Misses or Junior clothing, not woman’s though. I’d say go for medium too.

    future advise: if you buy any clothing for your girlfriend, it’s better to err on the smaller size than bigger! =)

  • Probably a 4 or a 6.

  • iam 5 6 and 135 i wear 6 8

  • I’m actually 5’5″ and 135lbs too, and all my dress are mediums if I want it to fit properly or large if I want it to be a little more loose looking.

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