No “true” Christians claim they can prove the existence of God. Our religion is FAITH based. Why can’t atheists admit this?

Updated on August 6, 2022

8 Answers

  • All religions are based on faith, and faith is the belief in something that can’t or hasn’t been proven as fact.

  • Do you have so much meziness that even monkeys have run up trees?

    Have the True Christians had their direct experiences with the presence of God, which you can’t even dream of?

    The proof of God is, in praying to Him for a time, He will manifest Himself without any doubt.

    Faith is a gift that God has promised for everyone who loves and prays to Him!

    Experience and faith leads the Christian into the kingdom of God, which you will not enter because of your hardness of heart!

  • Some people act like they can tell God what he can and cannot do. It helps to speak for yourself if you are a Christian. 

  • Because once a theist admits there is no proof of god, they must also admit that all the supposed miracles and feats in the bible etc. (that would be impossible without a “god”) are pure fiction. 

    Which in turn, totally invalidates the bible itself as being or containing the word of god.

    Though most ex-theist Atheists already know that; the earliest parts of the new testament were written at least a hundred years after all events relating to “jesus” it supposedly portrays, and much of it 200 – 400 years after.

    It’s all just myth and fiction.

  • Faith can make a snake talk.

  • Faith can move mountains 11/8/22 psalm 118:22 

  • Because there are no objective means of demonstrating who is or is not a ‘true’ Christian. Your claim that it is someone who has faith in Jesus is  just a claim, not objective.

  • You must be that retard JW that says God hates everyone.

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