Registered Office Address Service

Updated on April 30, 2022

Prestigious Covent Garden, London address
With our luxurious London registered office address, you can protect the privacy of your home while enhancing its prestigious image. We will scan and email all official government mail to this location for free!

What is a Registered Office?

Registered offices have a special place in the heart of any company. As you’ll need it for official correspondence and disclosure on public records, make sure that your registered office is accurate with this information before filling out forms!

Why do I need a registered office address?

Limited companies, including sole traders and partnerships must receive official government mail. This is a legal requirement for their registered office to be properly displayed on stationery as well as websites such it can’t just show up at your residential address without warning! If you’re from overseas then don’t forget that even though the UK has some cool stuff going on in terms of corporation tax rates (hint: they aren’t high), there are still other factors taken into consideration when deciding where businesses should base themselves – like how long employees live near each other or whether two places have different currencies within them so one would

How do I buy a registered office address?

We’ll send you an email with your welcome message and receipted invoice. You should then notify Companies House of the new registered office address so that official government mail can be scanned on a daily basis!

Forwarding of registered office mail

The United Kingdom’s government is making it easier for you to get in touch with them. You can expect a complete emailing of all mail from UK bodies, as well any court documents that arrive by 1 working day–for free!

Please note

Company addresses can be confusing, but they’re also an important part of doing business. If you want to use this address for more than one company or if there are other entities using the same physical location (like a hotel), it’s best practice and legal requirement that each new firm purchase its own registered office service – which will ensure their mail is correctly sorted according order type so much easier!

Frequently asked questions

Can I change my Registered Office address after company formation?

You can change your registered office at any time after setting up a company, but it must always remain in the same country. If you move abroad and fail to notify Companies House immediately then they may refuse services such as issuing new stock certificates or making alterations on their records which could lead them taking action against us for non-compliance with regulations!

Can I use the Registered Office service as my service address?

Company directors, shareholders and company secretaries must each provide a service address which will be displayed on the public register. If you prefer to keep your home address off of this record please purchase our separate option for an additional fee; we’ll provide you with exactly what’s reported above but cannot use registered office services in doing so – just one more thing before we close out these details about how companies are structured!

Can I use the Registered Office service to receive other business-related mail?

As a company that caters primarily to the government and legal community, we offer No. 1st Formations Registered Office service for receiving UK mail with complete security measures including signature authentication on deliveries made at our London address. This special mode of delivery ensures your important documents will always arrive safely even if they’re issued by any agency under whose jurisdiction you operate!

How much does the Registered Office service cost after the first year?

The registered office service from 1st Formations London can be renewed on an annual basis for £39.00 plus VAT, which includes all necessary paperwork and renewing your company’s status with the appropriate bodies in England or Wales according to their requirements.”