Second reduced rate of VAT

Updated on April 10, 2022


Currently, goods and services are subject to varying rates of Value-Added Tax (VAT).

In this part, you’ll learn about:

the standard cost of living

rate of decrease

the second discount

rate of nil

The cost of raising cattle is called a livestock rate.

Standard rate of VAT

Most goods and services are subject to Value-Added Tax (VAT) at the normal rate. VAT might be charged at a lower rate or not at all on some products and services.

Products and services that fall under the standard rate include:

furnishings batteries tyres tyre consultancy services are all examples of services provided by solicitors.

Reduced rate of VAT

Certain goods and services are exempt from paying VAT at the standard rate.

Certain types of fuels
a number of construction-related services
services for fixing
services for cleaning and upkeep (usually)
Certain photographic equipment and supplies are included in this category.
some art and antiquities are being brought into the country illegally
anything other than the typical supply of food- or agricultural-processing-related live horses
equine services for hiring
Greyhound tour guides are available for hire.
Temporary employee.

Second reduced rate of VAT

Products and services that qualify for the second reduced VAT rate include:

newspapers and magazines (except those that are solely dedicated to advertising or comprise solely of audio or video material) the supply of facilities for participating in sport by someone other than a non-profit-making organisation.
Products covered by the decreased rate of VAT from 1 November 2020 to 31 August 2022 include the ones listed below:

restaurant and catering supplies (excluding alcohol, soft drinks and bottled water)
piping-hot takeout food and steaming cups of coffee
Bookings at hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, and other similar establishments, as well as admissions to theatres, films, concerts, galleries, and other cultural institutions
amusement services similar to those found in amusement parks or fairgrounds
the cost of entry to a public farm hair salon
publications in print form, such as pamphlets and catalogues; or printed music (excluding books).
Prior to November 1, 2020, the listed items are eligible for a reduced VAT rate.

Zero rate of VAT

Certain goods and services are exempt from Value-Added Tax (VAT).

VAT exports items made within the European Union.

-registered individuals from outside the European Union (EU) certain foods and beverages specific oral medications
a few publications and pamphlets;
Supplies of VAT-exempt children’s under-11-year-old apparel and footwear include specific animal feed, fertilisers, seeds, and plants.
the registered individuals authorised by Revenue under the zero-rating system for eligible companies.

Livestock rate of VAT

To be eligible for the livestock rate of VAT, a horse must be used for food preparation or agricultural production in the normal course of business.