Signs of a healthy budgie?

Updated on August 6, 2022

I’m such a worry some mom, I need to know if my babies are healthy.

Their eyes are very clear and round

Their ceres are a nice color and their nostrils are clear

They are chirping

They have short rapid breaths as usual

They run away from me when I come up to the cage as usual

They chirp

However I can see one of my Budgies chest moving up and down a fair amount, and her tail is going up and down a little when she is just sitting there.

I feed them some fortified seeds mixed in with a quality Pellet diet. They also sometimes get treats like millet and honey bars.

Are they healthy?

I’m very stressed.

I always am about my babies, it worries me. If they ever got sick or something…. I’d die.

I worry about them like 24/7. :

I’ve never really experienced relaxation.

3 Answers

  • From the information you’ve given, it seems like your budgies are perfectly healthy. Keep a close eye on them though, as heavy or rapid breathing can sometimes be early signs of respiratory problems. Tail bobbing is also a sign that the bird is having difficulties breathing.


    – Discharge from the nostrils, which usually dries on the beak or on the feathers around the bird’s cere.

    – Discharge from the eyes.

    – Inflamed eyes.

    – Watery or discolored droppings.

    – Sneezing, coughing, wheezing.

    – Clicking noises, which are made by the beak when the bird is trying to breathe.

    – Tail bobbing, which is the most obvious sign that the bird is having difficulties breathing.

    – Difficulties flying, climbing, or perching.

    – Ruffled feathers.

    Just to be sure that none of your budgies have any respiratory problems, I advise you to take all your birds to an avian vet for a check up. Don’t forget to mention the symptoms your birds are having to the vet..

    You should also look into buying a vitamin and mineral supplement you can add to you birds water and/or food. Are you providing a means of calcium to your birds, such as a cuddle bone or crushed eggshell? Make sure you are providing these to your birds.

  • lol your unhealthy because you worry so much about them go look for a sick budgie video … thats how you know your baby is unhealthy … YES their healthy … gosh you stressed me out just reading this question you need some relaxation exercises hope you stop worrying so much after looking at a vary unhealthy budgie and some relaxation techniques. good luck ^^

  • There is no problem with your birds given the description, the problem actually lies with you. Come on, chill out. Better, try to forget about them, go out. This is actually going to help when you stop having your face in-front of their cage all the time.

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