2024 Social Security Raise: Are You Eligible for a Payment Increase?

Updated on February 5, 2024

In the latest update for the Social Security Increase 2024, over 71 million individuals will see higher Social Security and SSI payments, as announced by the SSA. The news of increased benefits was shared on October 12, 2023, with each recipient expected to receive an average monthly boost of $50 from the Social Security Administration.

Notably, there will be no implementation of the Social Security Amount Increase in December 2023. However, come January 2024, beneficiaries can anticipate higher monthly payments, marking the commencement of the Social Security benefits raise.

Social Security Increase 2024

For many retirees in the U.S., Social Security serves as a crucial income source, with up to 90% relying on it to cover various expenses, as reported in annual surveys. The eagerly awaited annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), disclosed in mid-October, is a significant event for tens of millions of seniors. Just a little over a month ago, the Social Security Administration confirmed a 3.2% increase in retirement benefits for 2024. Although this is considerably lower than the 8.7% boost in 2023, it still stands as one of the most substantial increases in decades, underscoring its impact on the financial security of retirees.

Social Security benefits increasing 3.2% in 2024

Starting January 2024, both retirement and disability payments are set to increase by 3.2%, providing an average boost of over $50 per month. This marks a notable decrease compared to the previous two years in the cost of living adjustment, impacting over 71 million individuals relying on Social Security.

As per the Social Security Administration’s announcement, the cost-of-living adjustment for 2024 will be 3.2%, a significant drop from the 8.7% seen in 2023. For recipients, this translates to an average monthly increase of almost $60. Despite the decrease, this adjustment comes amid rising inflation and follows the largest COLA for Social Security beneficiaries in over four decades in 2023. Over the past two decades, the average COLA has stood at 2.6%.

Why Social Security is important for Americans?

Certainly! Social Security plays a crucial role in the lives of senior citizens in the USA. It’s not just a financial support; it’s a lifeline for many retirees. Experts estimate that it contributes about one-third of the average retiree’s total income, highlighting its significance.

In fact, the Social Security Administration discovered that a quarter of senior families rely on Social Security payments for a whopping 90% of their family income. Moreover, nearly half of the senior population resides in households where Social Security provides at least half of the family’s income. These statistics underscore the vital role Social Security plays in ensuring financial stability and well-being for many seniors in the United States.

What do COLA rises aim to achieve?

In light of the increasing inflation, Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries get a boost through the Social Security Administration’s annual cost-of-living adjustments.

Here’s how it works: Each year, the adjustments are determined using the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) from the Bureau of Labor. This index helps gauge the changes in the prices of everyday goods and services that regular folks use. So, the idea is to make sure that the benefits keep pace with the rising costs of living, offering a bit of relief for those depending on Social Security and SSI in the face of economic changes.

When will the Social Security Increase Payment 2024 checks be issued?

The timing of Social Security checks depends on the recipient’s birthdate. If you were born between January 1 and October 8th, you can expect your check around the beginning of the month. For those born between November 11 and 20th, the checks usually arrive on May 15th, and if your birthday falls between October 21 and December 31st, you can anticipate your check around June 22nd.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries generally receive their checks on May 1st. However, if you started getting benefits before May 1997, your SSI checks are typically issued on May 3rd. This schedule provides a clear timeline for recipients, making it a bit easier to plan and manage their finances.

Will taxes increase?

The FICA, which is a payroll tax, is the financial backbone for Medicare and Social Security. When it comes to shelling out these taxes, folks with higher incomes are on the hook for more, thanks to changes in the maximum wages subject to FICA. In 2023, the cap was at USD 160,200, but it’s set to rise to USD 168,600. So, if you’re bringing in a hefty salary, be ready to pitch in a bit more to keep the gears turning for Medicare and Social Security. It’s a way of ensuring that those who can contribute a bit more do so, helping sustain these vital programs.

Check your mail Now

In early December, the Social Security Administration (SSA) made an announcement that caught the attention of beneficiaries. They revealed plans to kick off the mailing of notices for the Social Security Increase Payment in 2024. What’s neat is that folks with personal My Social Security accounts now have the option to sign up for text or email notifications. This means you can stay in the loop about any new developments regarding the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) and conveniently access your COLA notice online.

For those curious about Medicare’s 2024 changes, the SSA suggests checking out www.medicare.gov. It’s the go-to spot for all the nitty-gritty details. If you’re wondering about the COLA figures for 2024, the Senior Citizens League, a prominent nonpartisan seniors organization, has already provided some preliminary estimates. They based their calculations on consumer pricing data up until August, giving everyone a sneak peek into what to expect in the upcoming year.

Estimated AM Social Security Benefits Payable in January 2024

BeneficiaryBefore 3.2% COLAAfter 3.2% COLA
Retired workerUSD 1,848USD 1,907
Married couple, both receiving benefitsUSD 2,939USD 3,033
SB, older spouseUSD 1,718USD 1,773
SB, widowed parent and two qualifying childrenUSD 3,540USD 3,653
Worker receiving  DBUSD 1,489USD 1,537
SSI MFB, individualUSD 914USD 943
SSI MFB, married coupleUSD 1,371USD 1,415



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