Track IRS Tax Refund With These 2 Methods: My IRS Refund Status? Payment Date

Updated on February 10, 2024

Tracking Your IRS Tax Refund: 2 Simple Methods Explained

Track IRS Tax Refund With These 2 Methods

Typically, tax refunds are processed within 21 days, but some may take longer due to verification processes. Delays in notifications may result from unclear or incorrect information in the tax returns, making the wait for filing success feel extended.

We recognize that US taxpayers are eager for prompt details after submitting the IRS Tax Refund Application. Authorities have introduced two user-friendly methods for tracking tax files: Where’s My Refund and the IRS2Go Mobile App. Read on for more information on how to track your tax refunds.

What is My IRS Refund Status?

For fellow US citizens concerned about accidental overpayments on their tax returns, fret not! We’ve got a quick solution to help you retrieve those extra funds.

You can easily check your refund status using two methods discussed earlier. These methods involve tracking your tax files, receiving an approval notice, checking the refund status, and noting payment dates. The details of these tracking methods are explained below.

Where’s My Refund Method

The quickest way to track your refunds and obtain other details is through “Where’s My Refund,” with updates usually made overnight. Taxpayers can check their e-application status 24 hours after submission.

Note that paper post submissions take longer to update. Manual filers may know their refund status in 3 weeks to 6 months.

To check refund status, prepare three essential categories:

  1. Tax Filing Status.
  2. Social Security Number.
  3. The refund amount.

The progress tracker has three sections:

  1. Return Received: Indicates the successful registration and submission of the e-application to the IRS department.
  2. Refund Approved: Shows approval after IRS authorities verify all details, processing the tax file to the next segment.
  3. Refund Sent: Indicates the completion of the procedure, with the refund sent by authorities. No further verification is required. Candidates receive the refund within a week of this status, the amount depending on increased tax returns from the previous year.

IRS2Go Mobile App

Another way to track your refund status is through the IRS2Go Mobile App. Simply download the latest version from the Play Store, and enjoy several features including:

  1. Refund Status: Check your refund status within 24 hours of e-filing.
  2. Make Payment: Conveniently transfer your refund using this payment method preferred by Internal Revenue Services officers.
  3. Free Tax Help: The app provides assistance in filling out tax files and applying for refunds.

Taxpayers can also obtain details about tax refunds by reaching out to officials through the helpline at 800-829-1954.

IRS Tax Refund Payment Date 2024

While the IRS doesn’t provide an official schedule for filing tax returns or processing refunds from the previous year, applicants can generally anticipate receiving tax refunds within 21 days after online application verification.

For paper tax files sent by post, the processing time is longer, involving thorough verification by multiple authorities before tax returns are processed for refunds. Estimates suggest that direct deposits may take around three days to process, while the US Postal Service may take approximately seven days to mail paper checks.


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