Was Barack Obama a good president?

Updated on August 6, 2022

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  • Your question is posed as if he’s no longer President. Having been born when Harry Truman was President, I have a historical perspective of the Presidents from then to now. The worst years that a President was in office was during the Jimmy Carter years. The economy was terrible, wages were low, and the nation was in a “malaise” even by Jimmy Carter’s own admission. It was a difficult time. That said, Jimmy Carter was an honest man. He wasn’t a deceiver. The current President of the United States is probably more dishonest than Bill Clinton could ever be. He has divided this country along racial, economic, and social lines. He has taken all the successes of those who followed Dr. Martin Luther King’s work for equality and turned that upside down so that anyone observing this nation from the outside and with no historical information, would conclude that the country is on the verge of instituting genocide or slavery against black people. NOTHING could be ƒᴀʀтher from the truth. Mr. Obama claims to have the most transparent administration in history. The ONLY THING transparent is that when he speaks, he’s lying and he’s doing everything he can to keep us divided. I’m being fair and impartial here based on my observations. I’m not an Obama hater or a Clinton hater. I hate liars and deceivers. Clinton isn’t as good of a liar and deceiver as Obama is. The Bush haters? Meh, ignorance is no excuse for not paying attention to what’s going on now and anyone who can’t put down the hatred of other Presidents and see what’s going on through the lens of historical fact, deserves to be enslaved by their own ignorance.

  • Wow, First off, he’s still President. Secondly it’s mater of opinion. History will be his judge. Do I personally think he’s a good President? No. I’m 47 so there is a lot of people older than me who have experienced more presidents than I have. So with in my lifetime…my favorite President was Reagan. Obamma has been caught in MANY lies and claims of “transparencies” by this administration are a joke. He alone has raised our national debt more than any other president in history. Obamma care was forced down our throats. However the worst thing is, if you do not like Obamma and speak out against him your labeled a racist.

  • No he was a terrible evil president just all recent U.S presidents. He is an evil warmongering Zionist criminal just like his successor. If America wants to see true change (not the fake change Obama promised) then it must overthrow the Zionist dictatorship, America once was a great country but was gradually subverted that is why it is the way it is unfortunately.

  • You have to let history measure that not FOX news. Give it 20 years, and my prediction will be that his Presidency will not be as bad as what the FOX types rate it now. My prediction of an overall rating will be from 1 -10(low-high) will be a 6. maybe even 6.5

  • i said at the time that nixon in spite of watergate would go down as one of the best foreign policy presidents ever and that has been bore out. yet, all he is remembered for by most is the watergate scandal. this president was wholly unqualified, lacked experience, economically, domestically and foreign affairs wise to be elected. he was largely elected by an uninformed public who bought into the slogans, believed the hype and wanted to be part of an historical event. i agree with another poster that he will be largely remembered for being the first african american president and little else.

  • First of all he never was good. Just someone that was put in power by money…that did what he was told by the people that have all the money. He is a corrupt , narcissistic puppet of the powers that be. He has never had the well being of the American public foremost in his mind. He has demeaned the very nature of what it means to be an American. He has constantly abridged the Constitution and defied Congress. He is treasonous in his actions and deserves to be indicted for the crimes of his administration. He is a lawless piece of sh*t.

  • Heck no!

    “The number of Americans living in poverty rose by the equivalent of the population of Massachusetts during President Barack Obama’s first term. By the time his second ends, “black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category,”


    “Worst President Ever… Obama’s Legacy – Destruction of US Middle Class”


  • Barack Obama will ultimately be remembered for being the first black president and little more.

  • No, Every time he speaks something foolish always escapes his lips! The words that he spews sour with time. He has NO economic policy, no foreign policy, and no budget. He claimed he would bring people together but has seemed to divide everyone on every issue. The only ones that believe he’s been a good President are disillusional and should believe that what I just said wasn’t said at all!

  • Yes. Obama was a good president. He did a good job.

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