"Bank of England's Key Decision"

The Bank of England Holds Interest Rates at 5.25%

"Market Reaction"

Thursday's decision caused the pound to hit a six-month low against the dollar as investors adjusted their expectations.

"Mortgage Rates Impact"

Mortgage rates are expected to decline further following this decision, with several lenders already making cuts this week.

"Mortgage Rates Impact"

The Monetary Policy Committee was divided with a narrow 5-4 vote in favor of leaving rates unchanged.

"Mortgage Rates Impact"

This marks the first pause in rate hikes after 14 consecutive increases that began in December 2021.

"Global Trend"

The US Federal Reserve also voted to keep its benchmark rate steady, signaling a global trend in central banks holding rates steady or near their peak.

"Future Rate Movements"

While the majority supports maintaining current rates, some still anticipate a potential quarter-point rise to 5.5% by March next year.

"Market Impact"

Sterling weakened further after the decision, impacting real estate stocks briefly before they gave up most of their gains.

"Economic Impact"

This decision brings good economic news for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, aligning with his targets to control inflation and economic policies.

"Continued Vigilance"

The Bank of England officials remain cautious, not ruling out the possibility of further rate increases if persistent inflationary pressures emerge.