What can I feed my baby bearded dragon BESIDES live crickets??? PLEASE HELP! :(?

Updated on August 6, 2022

Today I bought a baby bearded dragon from petsmart, he’s about 5in including the tail. My dad FORBIDS me from having live crickets in the house so that’s out of the question. The lady at the store told me that this is the most imprtant time that it needs to eat properly to make sure it grows and lives, i’m scared!

In my tank i have 3 bowls, 1 for water, 1 for live mealworms i had for my gecko, and 1 for shredded pieces of carrot. 5 mealworms are sitting in the bowl right now untouched, same thing for the carrots. What else can i feed him or is this okay? I could get the dead crickets but someone told me they’re too big for him now.. what do i do?!?!?!

Please help, his life might be at risk!


16 Answers

  • they need crickets, mealworms will cause digestive problems and are too big.

    dead crickets wont be eaten because their too big and they need a special pad/feeder that vibrates to simalte that their alive.

    pin head or small crickets are about the only thing that is availible to feed them, if you can feed them crickets, you need to take the bearded dragon back, because it a substancial food for a bearded dragon, crickets are a must because they provide it with a lot of nutrients/calcium and energy.

    you might be able to get away with fruit flys, but their worse then crickets. crickets arnt that bad, they hardly escape if your careful.

    www.livefoods.co.uk you can get small crickets and fruit flys (fruit flys will hatch over a few days/2 weeks, so dont make the mistake of only getting them because the tubs will probably be empty)

  • Baby bearded dragons mostly live on small crickets. When they get older then they can have more greens & veggie and less crickets. But for it’s whole life it will need crickets. If you cannot give it any, then you are just going to watch it have a slow lingering death. Take it back to the shop and explain the problem or pass it on to a friend who can care for it as needed. You should have done the research and found out what it needed before buying the poor thing. There are some excellent sites that give you full details on the care and feeding. It will not be interested any food for a couple of days till it get used to it’s new home. Leave it quiet and let it settle in. In the mean time get a good book, or find a site and show it to your dad. He may come round (I hope so). The crickets also need water on a sponge, anything else and they will drown. Gut food (do the research) I also always have cucumber and carrot and biscuits and oats in cricket cage, then they must be dusted before giving to the dragon. If the crickets are not looked after, then they will not be full of the goodness your dragon needs.

  • Baby Bearded Dragon Diet

  • small bearded dragons need alot of food to grow. If you go on the website i posted it should give some info on wut to feed them. i looked at the website myself and it says

    ” The best food for them until they reach approx 8 inches in length are crickets – these are more nutritious than any other food. They should also be offered vegetable including a high level of calcium. Curly kale is a favourite, and they may also enjoy salad cress and finely grated and chopped carrots.

    The rule of thumb is never to feed your dragon anything which is longer than the distance between its eyes.”

    it also says that the worst thing to happen for a young bearded dragon is calcium deficiencies . So make sure that your dragon is getting all the calcium he/ she needs. i hope this helps happy dragon caring!!

  • I’m afraid that you do need to take it back if your dad is dead against all live foods. Crickets (live) or small locusts – which your dad might not mind as they are not noisy as adults – need to be a staple diet. Meal worms are REALLY not a good food for beardies as they are prone to getting impacted through them and apart from that they are nutritionally not very good at all. Salads only make a small part of a baby beardies diet, yes they do eat more as they get older but they remain insectivores well into old age. I have many 8 and 9 year olds in on boarding that have never eaten veg, it is not vital. Too many people become obsessed with it. You make no other mention as to the husbandry, you say you had a gecko before, I am presuming a leopard gecko. Have you changed the set up? You need a completely different one for beardies as leopards…you need a dimming thermostat and a uv source. Do you have these? Unless your dad changes his mind and you have a look at whether you have the right set up, I would seriously consider taking it back. Sorry.

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  • If your dragon isn’t eating he might just be stressed out. You just brought him home today… They don’t eat generally when they are stressed out.

    Don’t feed your bearded dragon iceberg lettuce as it has NO nutritional value. Romaine lettuce is good.

    The thing that bearded dragons like most and is usually a huge staple in most bearded dragon’s diet is Kale. It’s a leafy green.

    But your Beardie DOES need some sort of protein. Mealworms should be fine, but that’s not all it can eat.

    They will also eat cockroaches.

    But you need to be careful. Don’t feed insects bigger than the distance between its eyes otherwise it could cause an impaction in their digestive system and it could die.

    Mealworms are okay, don’t feed it superworms until it is full grown.

    They like all sorts of fruits and veggies. I usually use this as a guide for mine…

    Mine love grated carrots. You have to make sure things aren’t too hard for them like you can give big slices of carrots, their jaws aren’t powerful enough to eat it…


    But one thing is please don’t feed your bearded dragon spinach! It has proven to be not good for them at all and stops the absorption of calcium.

  • Well i feed my bearded dragon flukers freeze dried crickets.there not alive and there about $10 for 8 oz try them

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  • I have two adults they go through fads depends on the time of yeah you can get good books on them

    all veg is good for them, i have never given meal worms, crickets and locusts while they are very young and growing but once they reach adult hood they settle and have more fruit and veg

    hope that helps