What do spacers do to your teeth before braces?

Updated on August 6, 2022

Its weird I have spacers in my mouth and i dont really even know what it is used for.the orthadontist did not really explain to me what it did..

11 Answers

  • They are intended to make space betwen you molars to be able to put bands around it.♣

  • Spacers or separators are applied to the back molars top and bottom so as to create enough room between your top and or bottom teeth so that the orthodontist can place the metal bands necessary for your braces.

    Using a plier like instrument, your orthodontist will use a small amount of force to push tiny rubber doughnuts between your teeth. Usually these remain in place for 1-2 weeks prior to your braces appointment and are removed just before your braces!

    Be careful not to dislodge them early by not eating hard/ sticky foods and avoiding brushing too vigorously and flossing as they will come out. However it is not uncommon for the separators to come out on their own when adequate space is achieved!

    Your orthodontist will tell you what to do if they come out too early!

    All the best 🙂

  • spacers are like little rubber donuts that the orthodontist puts in between your teeth so that there is enough room for your braces. they feel weird at the beginning at they hurt, so i suggest you take Tylenol. Sometimes the spacers aren’t put in correctly so they fall out. So don’t mess with them too much, and avoid anything sticky, chewy or gooey. It is okay if they feel a little loose that means they are working. It depends on why you are wearing spacers. i had to wear them so i had room for the bands on my expander.

  • Spacers are annoying little things that make space for the metal hooks which will go around your molars like a ring that support the braces.

  • It also depends on why you are wearing braces. My daughter did not need spacers when she was wearing braces. She had an open bite and had to wear braces that pulled her upper teeth back and down so that she could close her mouth properly.

  • The spacers are just little rubber rings that gently (though occasionally slightly painfully) push your teeth farther apart to allow room for bands to go around some of the teeth. I just had that done for my second phase of braces…

  • I had spacers too! They spread out your teeth to make your mouth bigger. I had a small mouth and jaw and spacers made it bigger so that all my teeth had room to straighten out.

  • Well, they are there for when they put the cap on your back molers for your braces. It speads your teeth out a little for the cap to fit. They don’t move your teeth to much. Just enough to fit. You may have a few teeth get closer. It just depends.

    Good luck.

  • well they make spaces between your teeth! I had spacers to make room for my expander!

    they can help with gaps between teeth too!

  • they’re stupid, but every1 has to have them b4 braces are put on. basically, they make space so that the back bracket can fit in on the back teeth. i lied, there actually important, but they don’t feel great

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