WHat does 2 business days exactly mean?

Updated on August 6, 2022

i ordered from this website off skull canddy

and it says Your order will be shipping in approximately 1-2 business days.

i ordered on monday .. soo when will i get it

8 Answers

  • Business days means not Saturday and Sunday, and not bank holidays, so “ordinary” Monday-to-Friday. If it is shipping in 1 – 2 business days, it means it will be on its way on Tuesday or Wednesday, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s when it will arrive, it depends on the delivery dates and whether it is sent by post or by courier.

  • 2 Business Day Shipping Means

  • It means your order should leave (usually does not mean always) the warehouse (or the store) within 1 or 2 days after your order is received.

    The arrival time will depend on how your order is shipped.

  • A Business day is a day between Monday and Friday, so your order will not be delivered on Saturday or Sunday

  • employer days are Monday by way of Friday. additionally provide the employer time to technique the order and deliver it, so in spite of if it says a million-2 days, upload a minimum of an afternoon for the order to be crammed.

  • It refers to Monday-Friday.That is when most businesses are open. i.e. Drs Dentists etc.

    It means the package would arrive Tuesday or Wednesday

  • that is a good question I hope you’ll find some reasonable answers

  • Not weekends.