Buying From Amazon UK After Brexit.

Updated on May 31, 2022

Online shoppers from Ireland regularly use the Amazon UK store, which is Europe’s largest online retailer.
Since the Brexit vote, EU and Irish customers may now see an additional item at checkout on Amazon UK referred to as the Import Fee Deposit. This is a mix of Irish VAT and any applicable customs taxes.

When it comes to VAT and import duties, Amazon deducts them from all orders. To learn more about Customs Duty, go here. In many situations, the ultimate price will be the same as it was before the Brexit vote.

The “estimated” Import Fees Deposit provided at Amazon UK checkout is, in fact, a pretty precise estimate.

Amazon charges you for the import fees and will make the payment on your behalf to the Irish tax authorities.

As a result, neither An Post nor its couriers will ask for additional fees in Ireland.

Import fees are subject to change without notice, however Amazon will credit you for any overestimation.

After the 19th of January 2022, will no longer accept any Visa credit cards issued by the United Kingdom. Since the Brexit vote, credit card fees in the United Kingdom have skyrocketed.

Visa credit cards issued in Ireland will not be affected by this change. Amazon still accepts Visa credit cards from Ireland.

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Customers in Ireland are the focus of this post, but the same changes will apply to EU customers who shop on Amazon UK and many other websites, regardless of where they live.

A Summary of Changes to online sales from the UK to Ireland from July 2021 .

Products created in the UK and shipped from the UK to Ireland or any other EU country are exempt from customs.
If the order exceeds €150, customs duty may be applied to certain categories of goods from the UK with a “country of origin*” outside the UK. For more information, see Customs Duty.
There will be no Irish/EU customs duty on orders with a value below €150 (before postal expenses) regardless of the product’s origin country.
Retailers in the UK should not charge UK VAT on orders shipped to Ireland. However, beginning July 1st, 2021, all orders will be subject to Irish import VAT (before, orders under €22 were exempt).
(Learn more about VAT-free orders under €22 by visiting this page.)
Country of origin rules are extremely complex. Look at this.
An example of a product with a certain UK provenance is one made in the UK solely using EU or UK-sourced materials.
However, if a product is created in the UK with more than 50% of its components coming from China, it may not be considered to be made in the UK.
If a product made in the EU and exported to the UK is sold back to the EU, it may be subject to import duty.

What is the Amazon Import Fees Deposit ?

On Items Sold By Amazon

A “The Import Fees Deposit” appears at checkout after Amazon UK deducts the UK VAT and shows any Irish import VAT and levies.

On your behalf, Amazon UK will take care of any Irish import taxes and fees. There will be no more SMS or emails from An Post requesting additional fees for delivery.

The difference between what customs actually charge in import VAT and duty and what Amazon has collected in import fees deposit will be automatically reimbursed to you, and you will be notified via email of the refund amount.

No additional fees if the actual Import Fees Deposit is higher than what Amazon estimates.

More here onWhich Products Are Liable to Customs Duty

See the Amazon UK Page on Import Deposits

Items sold by Third Party Sellers

Online retailer Amazon has been collecting the Irish import VAT on behalf of third-party merchants since July 1st, 2021.

If you purchase anything from these vendors for more than €150, you may be subject to import VAT as well as import duty upon arrival. On orders over €150, we believe it’s better to stay away from these sellers.
(Although this may not be the case with all third-party sellers.)

As a result, Amazon third-party sellers who aren’t registered for UK VAT can’t get a refund of the VAT they don’t charge. Because of the Irish import VAT, items from these vendors will be more expensive when delivered to Ireland. (If you click on the seller’s name and see their details, you can see if they have registered for VAT.)

Refunds of Import Fees Charged on Delivery

Some Amazon third-party merchants do not charge duty or VAT, as previously noted. On orders over €150, we believe it’s better to stay away from these sellers.

The extra import fees you paid may be refunded to you by Amazon if you file a complaint after purchasing from an Amazon seller and receiving an An Post demand for customs costs.

Amazon requires all of their vendors to provide goods free of additional import costs. According to what we’ve seen, any such claim will very certainly be upheld in favour of the buyer.

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Calculation of Import Duty on Irish Orders at Amazon UK

Even though there was a Brexit agreement, customs duties on all items are still in place despite the agreement.
If a product shipped from the United Kingdom to Ireland was not manufactured in the United Kingdom, it may be subject to duty.

An account with Raisin Ireland that has a fixed interest rate
Customs duty will not be applied to orders with an inherent worth of less than €150. Regardless of the sequence in which the items are placed.

There’s no need to worry about paying duty on a lot of these things since they’re already exempt from it. Import Duty Rates for items sold from the United Kingdom to Ireland can be found here.

Using the official Revenue exchange rate for November 2021, €150 is utilised as the threshold for calculating duty. displays the customs exchange rates.

More here about Import Duty Rates

Returns to Amazon UK From Ireland Since Brexit

Amazon returns from Ireland haven’t altered since Brexit.
Amazon continues to accept returns from Ireland that are qualified for a refund or credit.

If you are returning an item because of Amazon’s fault (e.g., it is defective, damaged, or inaccurate), Amazon will cover the cost of return shipping.
The cost of returning the item will be the responsibility of the individual sending it back if (for whatever reason) they don’t want it. Returns of Shoes, Clothing, Jewellery & Watches are exempt from this rule; postal charges will be reimbursed for those.
Please take note that this return policy has not changed since 2020 and is the same policy for consumers in the United Kingdom.
Import fees refunds.
In most cases, if you need to return an item to Amazon and you paid import costs, the whole cost of the item and the fees will be reimbursed to you. Please contact Amazon if your import fees are not reimbursed; they will almost always be able to help you out.
A different approach may be taken when returning to a third-party seller; import fees may not be reimbursed.

Amazon Prime in Ireland

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Tip : Always remember to pay in Pounds on Amazon UK – NOT Euros – it will work out cheaper. Read more about Amazon Currency Conversion Rates here.

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Amazon Germany

There is now the option for customers in Ireland to use Amazon Germany in the event that they have difficulties with the UK site. Adapters are required for the “European” plug (2 pins) used in all electrical items marketed in the United States. The free delivery option does not apply to Ireland.’s English-language version

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