What does “some College” mean?

Updated on August 6, 2022

I read in a survey: “no college, some college, college degree”. Why do the differentiate between no College and some College? What is the difference to no College, if I haven’t finished College and gotten a degree?

3 Answers

  • Some college means you took some classes but have not yet finished a degree. If it’s a survey and you haven’t finished a degree, put ‘some college’. If it’s a job application and you won’t have finished the degree by the time the job starts, put ‘some college’. If you will have finished your degree when the job starts, put ‘college degree’.

  • Some College

  • No college means that you didn’t go to college. Some college means that you took some college classes, but didn’t finish college yet. College degree means that you finished college and got the degree for the career you are going for.

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