What happen to Neo____Zafara in neopets? HELP ME!?

Updated on August 6, 2022

what happen to Neo__Zafara’s daily things and stuff? I was only gone about a two weeks and its back to a normal petpet page! I NEED HELP!

4 Answers

  • neorainbow (neozafara’s owner) got, unfortunely, frozen. When he got frozen neozafara’s homepage got set back to the default homepage.

    if you need dailies check out this site, http://www.sunnyneo.com/dailies.php

  • Neo Zafara

  • OOMMMGG!!!

    i couldn’t believe it either!!!

    i absolutely loved that site!!!!

    oh well…

    i hope the owner didn’t get frozen for no reason…

    good luck finding another page…


    Source(s): Neopets.com…
  • I love how it’s back up.

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