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Updated on June 4, 2022

About Validating your VAT Registration Number

We begin the validation process once you’ve entered your VAT number in Your Account, which typically takes between one and four days.

Validation Process

On our About Entering Your VAT Registration Number(s) Help page, customers in Spain who are encountering issues with the validation of their VAT Registration numbers are encouraged to check out the relevant information.

We’ll check your VAT registration number once you’ve submitted it. We’ll do our best to finish this within four business days. Your account will show your number as “Pending” until it has been verified. You can begin using your VAT registration number for purchases after the status has been upgraded to “Active.” We’ll notify you through email whenever the status of your order changes. Changes to the VAT Registration section of Your Account are also visible there.

Your VAT registration number will be applied to all applicable transactions for any open orders in your cart. Only use the VAT number you provided for purchases relating to the business associated with the number you entered.

Validation Failure

“Inactive” appears in your Amazon account if your VAT registration number is rejected by Amazon’s validation process. We’ll notify you via e-mail if there’s an issue, and you can check your VAT registration number details on your Account’s Manage Your VAT Registration page..

After three failed validation checks, you will not be allowed to make any more changes with your VAT registration number. If this occurs, please contact Customer Service.

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