What is the conjugate acid of SO4^-2?

Updated on August 6, 2022

I thought it was H2SO4

Yea, but if the base was SO4^-2 and it accepted a proton…wouldn’t the conj. acid be H2SO4?

Nevermind, I see now.

7 Answers

  • HSO4^-1

    The conjugate acid of a base is the the compound formed after the Bronsted base accepts a proton.

  • Conjugate Acid Of So42

  • SO4^2-/HSO4^1-

    it is diprotic

  • conjugated acid of SO4^-2 is HNO3 because,

    HNO3 + SO4(-2 charge) —-> HSO4- + NO3-

  • HSO4^-1

  • what was the base

  • idk