what is the meaning behind Seether’a new single “the gift”?

Updated on August 6, 2022

what are the lyrics talking about and how does the video relate to the lyrics, cause in the video he goes to visit a girl [anna] grave …and i really wanna know what the video is trying to say.

10 Answers

  • The song is basically talking about a guy who doesn’t feel that he deserves the love of his woman (the gift). He feels ashamed and undeserving because of some bad stuff he did. I haven’t seen the video, but the song is not really about death. I am pretty sure the lead-singer wrote it for his wife.

  • The Gift Seether

  • Seether The Gift

  • #1 Shaun Morgan (lead singer) does not have a wife, but an ex-wife.

    #2 There may be a meaning behind the video, but Shaun Morgan has stated that he will not reveal the true meaning behind his songs, including “The Gift”. Why? He says that if he tells the meaning, fans and listeners of his music cannot apply their own meaning to the songs. Alot of Seether’s songs are written so listeners and fans can apply their own meaning to the lyrics.

  • well the song isnt that new. it’s almost a year old now…. probasbly means that life isn’t perfect and everything, even life, happens for a reason

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